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Austin Maple Syrup Guide

The Austin restaurants listed below all serve breakfast and/or brunch. Some offer maple syrup, others offer corn, and a few provide both. This list focuses on whether or not the establishments serve maple syrup.

For more information about maple syrup and how I came to be interested in it, check out some related posts:

Maple Syrup
24 Dineryes
Austin Javano
Bess Bistroyes
Blue Dahliayes
Blue Staryes
The BonnevillenoGosling's Rum Syrup
Bouldin Creek CafénoAgave Nectar
Cafe Crepeyes
Central Market CafenoYou CAN however, buy real maple in the store and use it in the Cafe.
Chez Zeeyes, extra$4.95 extra
Counter Cafeyes
Dan's Hamburgersno
East 12th Kafeno
Eastside Cafeyes, extra$2 extra
Enoteca Vespaioyes
Galaxy Cafeyes, extra$.79 extra
Gourdough'syesFlying Pig is topped with maple syrup icing
Joe's Bakery & Mexican Foodno
Jo's on 2ndyes, extra$1 extra
Josephine Houseyes
Kerbey Laneno
Lucky J'sno
Magnolia Cafeyes, extra$2.25 extra
Max's Wine Diveyes
Mother's Cafeyes
MulberrynoCardamom Syrup
Night Hawk (The Frisco)no
The Omlettryno
Original Pancake Houseno
Paggi Houseyes
Salt & Timeno
Snack Baryes
South Congress Cafeyes
Star Seedsno
The Steeping Roomyes
Swift's Atticyes
Trace at the Wyes
Trudys Tex-Mexno
Waterloo Ice Houseno
Whole FoodsyesAt the breakfast bar (7 a.m. - 11 a.m. M-F + 12 p.m. Sat + Sun)

If you notice any errors in the list, or if you have information about a change in any restaurants syrup offerings, I’d appreciate it if you would leave a comment below, or send me an email.


  • In early 2011, of the 53 restaurants I surveyed, 25 offered maple syrup (47%); the current list includes 63 restaurants, with 34 offering maple (54%). We’re headed in the right direction, friends!


  • Removed restaurants that have closed since 2011 include  Austin Diner, Fran’s Hamburgers, and Haddington’s, Manny Hattan’s; none offered a maple syrup option.
  • Added the following restaurants that do offer maple: Steeping Room, Swift’s Attic, Whole Foods Market Lamar
  • Added the following restaurants that do not carry maple: Bacon, Banger’s, The Bonneville, Bouldin Creek Cafe, East 12th Kafe, Freda’s, Jack Allen’s Kitchen, Lucky J’s, Salt & Time, Taverna, Wildwood


  • Added Takoba and Zandunga to the list. Neither serve maple syrup although Takoba’s french toast comes with caramelized bananas and guajillo honey.


  • Added Central Market Cafe (thanks @txcooking for the suggestion). However, their thick cut french toast comes with the fake stuff. You can buy real maple in the grocery store and bring it in, though.
  • Updated status of Chez Zee after learning from a reader that they charge $4.95 for real maple syrup (source: online brunch menu).


  • Coverage in the Austin Business Journal on my “Maple Mission.” The article notes that of the 53 restaurants I surveyed, 25 serve maple syrup, five of which charge extra for it.


  • Created this page in order to track maple syrup availability at Austin restaurants.
  • http://www.fabulousdrinksaustin.com/ Fabulous Drinks Austin

    I knew that 24 served real maple syrup. Do you know what kind/any additional info about it? I was surprised/sad to see Annies does not serve real maple syrup. Thanks for your time and hard work gathering and sharing this information.

    Fellow foodie (and drinker),

  • Katherine

    Jodi, when my daughter was a toddler, I started packing my own maple syrup when we would go out for breakfast. She loves real maple, but the horrible imitation stuff has become a coveted “treat” to her. I let her have it the once per month or every other month that we breakfast out now that she is elementary school age–I figure that her body is bigger now and can handle the little bit of toxins. But I still take the real stuff for me, and to offer her.

  • jodibart

    I have dreams about 24 diners chicken and waffles drizzled with maple syrup. Mmmmm. I'm not sure what kind it is but let me know if you find out so I can update this list! Also, yes, there are a few surprises on the list in terms of places I would think serve maple, but don't.

  • jodibart

    I'm amazed at how anyone can prefer the fake stuff to real maple! My friend who feels the same way as your daughter says she likes the really sweet taste of the corn syrup kind. Also, my deep respect goes out to you for bringing your own. Let the BYOM movement begin!

  • Norm C.

    Jodi, you will be pleased to know that we have only been using Maple Grove Farms Pure Maple Syrup for the past few years. No trafe for us!

  • jodibart

    Great work supporting the cause, Norm!

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  • http://briansaghy.wordpress.com/ Brian Saghy

    This is fantastic. My friend, Jesse, told me about your article. I'm from NE Ohio and a huge fan of real maple, myself. It is a huge deal in my hometown and karo syrup knockoffs are nowhere near as good. I think I actually laughed at the waitress at Kerby Lane when they said they don't even offer real maple syrup for their “famous pancakes”. What a joke.

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  • http://twitter.com/GrubbusAllOver Eli Castro

    Annie's lack of syrup is so very very sad. Took it off my morning options. Love the goodness at 24 though.

  • http://twitter.com/GrubbusAllOver Eli Castro

    Annie's lack of syrup is so very very sad. Took it off my morning options. Love the goodness at 24 though.

  • Steve from Florida

    Very frustrated to report that twice in the past week I’ve had restaurants lie to me about their syrup. In both instances, I asked: “This may sound odd, but can you check if your ‘maple syrup’ (it was listed that way on the menu) is REAL maple syrup, or if it’s only some type of griddle syrup? I’m willing to pay extra if you have an up-charge for maple syrup.” Both times, the waiter/ress checked with the manager or cook, and both times reported it WAS real. Both times, it was NOT. Another waiter confided in me several years ago that Cisco food services was shipping a blend called maple syrup which was actually only 30% maple, and the rest corn syrup (or was it brown rice syrup?) I think we’ve reached the tipping point where even cooks and managers don’t know that “real” means 100%. The restaurants, if any wish to know, were Rodeo in Wilton Manors, FL and Nourish in Lexington MA.

  • jodibart

    Thanks for the comment, Steve. I agree that there is nothing more upsetting about this issue than the fact that the people working at the restaurant have no idea what it is that they are serving, or what REAL maple syrup should taste like. Keep fighting the good fight, brotha!

  • jodibart

    I agree, Brian. I think Kerbey Lane is a great place with good values, but I can’t get behind the fact that they don’t have maple syrup available — even to purchase at an extra charge! Hopefully that will change soon.

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  • http://www.wildandcrazypearl.com/ Emily Goodstein

    I love the update! This is such a fantastic resource Jodi. xo