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Hello, Old Friend!

8 September 2015 25,987 views No Comment

So I haven’t written a post here in over a year and I have missed this space terribly. Now that I’m a mom, my time is even more precious, so while I’d love to say I’m going to be writing here regularly, that may not happen! However, I’m currently enjoying some time off in between jobs, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to catch you all up on life.

As far as my local food expertise goes, I’m a bit out of the loop now that my regular bedtime is around 8:30 pm. However, we do try to get out to new places when we can, and I’m continuing to act as a resource on local food and drink for the Austin Convention and Visitor’s Bureau True Austin program.

In terms of travel, I haven’t done too shabby for a pregnant lady and then new mom — since I last posted in June 2014 we visited Quebec (July 2014), Grand Cayman (March), Hilton Head (July), Chicago (August) and Washington D.C. and Tulsa twice.

And the biggest thing I’ve been up to since I last posted was becoming a mom to Bess Maple Holzband. Our sweet girl was born almost one year ago, on September 12, 2014. You can check out her birth story on our doula’s blog if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

Me and Bess hanging out in Chicago.

Me and Bess hanging out in Chicago.

So I don’t see this becoming a “mom blog,” although of course I’m now a mom and may decide to do a post on which non-kid-centered restaurants in Austin have changing tables. However, I wanted to say hi and get you all up to speed. Feel free to also join my Tasty Touring group on FB where I’ll for sure be posting more often.