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Black-Market Ziplock-Baggie No-Phone-Number Thai Food Club

7 March 2009 1,554 views No Comment

People criticize social media all the time but I say, if you use it (and don’t let it use you), it’s one of the greatest informational tools ever created. For example, I recently learned that there is a home-cooked Thai delivery service called My Thai Mom from J.P., a friend of a friend on Facebook (who is now my Facebook friend).

You might wonder why My Thai Mom isn’t hyperlinked. I mean, even Russ & Daughters in NYC has a web site and they are about as family-owned as a business can get. Well, My Thai Mom doesn’t have a phone number either. Basically, you get their e-mail address from a friend…or a friend of a friend.

deliveryHere’s how the weekly ordering process works. On Monday evening or Tuesday morning, you get an email from the service. From what I understand, the mother of the family cooks, the daughter writes the e-mails and manages ordering, and the son does deliveries. From what I can gather, they are doing this to make some extra cash to build the mom a home in Thailand so she can move back to enjoy her golden years there.

In Austin, there are plenty of Mexican women who make tamales at home and sell them to friends and neighbors to help make ends meet but this is the first I’ve heard of it being done by another culture..

This is the e-mail from the week we ordered:

Sawadee everybody!

Please read the next couple of paragraphs if you’re new to our list.
We will have a set meal with three entrees, plus white jasmine rice,
that will change into something different each week. We will
certainly take requests on any Thai dishes you’ve enjoyed in the past,
but hopefully, we’ll also introduce you to some that you’ve never
tasted before.

I send out an email on Mondays about the menu for that week and
deliver it to your house, place of work, or wherever you want it
delivered, as long as it is relatively central or south central. You
need to place your order by Wednesday at NOON for the delivery on
Thursday. It will be delivered between 1pm and 4pm at the address you
designate. Your food will be delivered hot and will need to be
refrigerated if you are saving it for dinner. If you will not be
home, place a cooler outside with ice and I’ll drop it in there ready
for dinner when you get home.

YUM NUA: Thai beef salad. Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, red onions,
cucumbers and fresh mint. The vinaigrette is lime juice, fish sauce
and a bit of cane sugar. This salad makes my mouth water!

TOFU MASMUN: Tofu, potatoes, onions, tomatoes and peanuts are simmered in coconut milk and masmun curry. This tangy, sweet and spicy curry is a top favorite among our customers.

GAI SAMOON PRAI: Chicken stir-fried with onions, fresh herbs like lemongrass, ginger, peppercorn and Thai basil. This dish is incredibly flavorful.

Please reply by Wednesday noon if you would like some Thai food this Thursday.
Phone Number
Cash or Check
Please make checks out to Jane Doe*

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

thai dinner
The food arrives in bags, and much of it needs to be heated up on the stove top before serving. We ordered two of the weekly menu because there were six of us enjoying dinner that evening.

One of our friends (Kenny) sent me a synopsis of his thoughts on the meal:
Tofu peanut curry was the best dish by far – the tofu was well prepared, the curry was full of more flavor than spice, and the peanuts, while drowned out on the palette by the other flavors, added a welcome crunch to the texture of the dish.

The green peppercorn chicken would never survive if it was thrust into the real world of Thai restaurant menus. You can’t just be green peppercorn chicken in a cuisine with so much pop – you have to BE green peppercorn chicken! And it just was.

Thanks for the underground food experience – although by now I should know that the first rule of Black-Market Ziplock-Baggie No-Phone-Number Thai Food Club is that you never mention Black-Market Ziplock-Baggie No-Phone-Number Thai Food Club. (incidentally, Brad Pitt turned down the role of my alter ego in the big screen version of Black-Market Ziplock-Baggie No-Phone-Number Thai Food Club… and so did many others until it was reluctantly accepted by a desperate Horatio Sanz)

Adam and I agreed that the dishes were super spicy, flavorful, and unique. We would both order from My Thai Mom again, but probably not on a weekly basis. Personally, I’d love to taste their green curry as that is my favorite Thai dish and my personal barometer of good Thai food. What about you? Do you have a favorite Thai dish and/or restaurant and if so, I hope you will share with the group!

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