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[26 Dec 2010 | 16 Comments | 4,553 views]
Austin on Cooking Channel’s Heat Seekers

Tomorrow, Austin will be featured on a new Cooking Channel show called Heat Seekers. I know about the show because a few months ago, one of the producers emailed me to ask about Austin restaurants known for spicy food. I laughed to myself when I received the email because there are so many Mexican and Tex-Mex spots in Austin with wonderful spicy dishes.
I actually queried folks Twitter and came back to the producer with some great suggestions: Diablo Prawns from Zandunga, Sarovar, green curry at Pad Thai, cerveza fajitas at …

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[14 Sep 2010 | 25 Comments | 5,931 views]
Tasty Tuesdays: Best Interior Mexican

Google “Austin Interior Mexican” and you won’t have to scroll far down to find Fonda San Miguel. Before Fonda opened in 1975, Austin was a decidedly Tex-Mex town.
What’s the difference? That’s up to your own personal interpretation but I think of Tex-Mex as dishes like chips and salsa, queso, fajitas, and the combination plate.
Interior or Regional Mexican is more traditional cuisine that is served and enjoyed throughout the six regions of the country. According to Wikipedia, some of the specialties of each region include:

Yucatán – sweetness and achiote seasoning
Oaxaca – tamales and …

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