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[28 Dec 2010 | 2 Comments | 3,608 views]
Juicebox & Soup Peddler Open Just in Time

One of the first people I met when I moved to Austin back in 2003 was the Soup Peddler. At that time, he was the roommate of my best friend and had started the business out of the kitchen of their South Austin home. I even worked for him for a total of three weeks at one point!
Fast forward seven years and Dave Ansel has become an iconic and much-revered figure in the Austin community and beyond. I’ve been filled with awe as I’ve watched him build his business, his family (wife …

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[30 Sep 2010 | 10 Comments | 3,498 views]
Hearty Vegetable Soup and Pressed Sandwiches

People sometimes ask me about  my favorite restaurant. Lately Adam and I tell them, “at your house or my house.” We just love enjoying home-cooked meals with friends. For my birthday dinner, I asked my friend Jill if we could come over to her apartment in New York.
She made a delicious recipe from Ina Garten’s Back to Basics, “Pappa al Pomodoro,” a hearty vegetable soup.
Jillian and Paul have a sandwich press, and after enjoying wonderful pressed sandwiches made with pancetta, gruyere, and homemade aioli, I’m thinking we need one.

Jillian and …

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[4 Feb 2010 | 8 Comments | 2,190 views]
Hand-Sliced Noodles at Chen’s

When I asked Statesman restaurant critic Mike Sutter what new spot I should check out, he recommended Chen‘s Noodle House. I trust Mike’s taste and had heard the buzz about Chen‘s and at the last minute, rounded up my boyfriend and friends Marc and Megan to join us for a quick bite.

Marc and Megan have both lived in Asia – Megan as a child and Marc very recently in Taiwan and Beijing. It was hilarious to watch this white guy with blonde hair ordering food in rapid Mandarin.
The menu here …

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[31 Oct 2009 | 49 Comments | 5,148 views]
Nagymama’s Matzo Ball Soup

Earlier this year I posted, “Love, 1930s style,” a letter written by my mom’s father, Papa, upon meeting his future wife. Last November, I posted my dad’s mom, Nagymama’s, recipe for chicken paprikash.
Last week Nagymama passed away. I was lucky to have her in my life for such a long time and have so many loving memories of my grandparents.
I flew home to Maryland and spent the weekend looking through pictures, sharing stories, and being together with my brother, parents, and friends. This is exactly how Nagymama, who loved nothing …

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[27 Oct 2009 | 30 Comments | 4,045 views]
Tasty Tuesdays: Best Soup

I’m about to board a plane back to Austin from Maryland. The sad reason for this trip was the passing of Magda Bart, my last living grandparent and the woman I called Nagymama (grandma in Hungarian).
It was wonderful to be with family and friends and celebrate the life of my beautiful, determined, and loving grandmother who lived almost 93 years.

Today, my body is stiff from travel and stress. I’m tired and coming down with the cold I have been fighting off for weeks. On top of all this, I’m moving …

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