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[16 May 2011 | 17 Comments | 4,213 views]
Ebelskivers: The Next Big Food Trend?

A couple months ago, I had never heard of an ebelskiver; since then, I’ve watched them being made, eaten them, and borrowed a cookbook devoted to these round, tiny, filled treats. AEbleskivers, as they are spelled in Denmark, have really made their mark in the U.S. thanks to stores like Williams-Sonoma, that sell the pans needed to make these little guys.
Adam’s Uncle David introduced us to ebelskivers, on our visit to Santa Fe back in early March. David made us both sweet and savory ebelskivers for brunch, but the ones …

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[11 Apr 2010 | 6 Comments | 5,280 views]
Memorable Meals in Northern/Central California

If you live or have plans to visit Northern or Central California (Berkeley, Napa Valley and Monterey), I have some recommendations for you!
Food lovers who visit Berkley generally make it a point to pay homage to Chez Panisse. As fellow food blogger Chance wrote in his roundup of SF restaurants, “the place definitely lives up to its reputation.”
I made a reservation for lunch on a weekday and it was no problem to get in. I opted for the $24 fixed price meal of Garden Lettuce Salad; House-Made Rigatoni with Kaki …

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[7 Mar 2010 | 47 Comments | 16,269 views]
24 Hour Eats in Austin During SXSW

Austin takes NYC’s place as “the city that never sleeps” for about ten days every year during SXSW. The three-in-one festival begins this Friday with SXSW film and interactive, followed by music on March 17 and through the weekend.
The activity is continuous but we all need to eat, right? Listed below are places you can grab a bite 24-hours-a-day — or at least into the wee hours of the morning.
24 Diner is the newest addition to the 24-hour diner scene in Austin, joining Magnolia and Kerbey Lane in the race …

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[30 Jul 2009 | 3 Comments | 2,493 views]
Sourdough Pancakes: Four Meals in the Four Corners

Sourdough likely originated in Ancient Egypt at around 1500 BC, and was probably the first form of leavening. Sourdough was the main bread made during the California Gold Rush, the Klondike Gold Rush, and the Colorado Gold and Silver Boom of the late 1800′s AD.
The bread became so common that “sourdough” became a general nickname for the gold prospectors — especially in Northern California. Conventional leavening agents such as yeast and baking soda were less reliable at the altitudes and temperatures faced by the prospectors. The sourdough starter had to …

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