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[1 Jan 2012 | 34 Comments | 5,891 views]
Snap Kitchen: My Results

I’ve now been off the Snap Kitchen 21-day Snap Commit program for a little over a week, and I miss those prepared meals! I’ve definitely noticed the difference in how I felt when I was on the program — energized! optimistic! — with the way I feel now (sluggish) and I miss having my own personal chef to make sure I’m putting the right things in my system.
Overall, I lost two pounds, my energy level was high, I slept well, and my skin was even clearer during the program. I …

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[20 Dec 2011 | One Comment | 3,623 views]
Snap Kitchen: How It Works

Some of you have been asking about my progress on the Snap Kitchen program. I am weighing myself once a week, and I lost about two pounds in the first two weeks. Also, my energy level is higher than it’s been in months!
Others are curious about how the program works. Basically, its a 21-Day program where you buy all of your meals — five small meals a day — from Snap Kitchen. For most women, the price breaks down to about $40 a day according to my rough calculations. To …

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[28 Dec 2010 | 2 Comments | 3,609 views]
Juicebox & Soup Peddler Open Just in Time

One of the first people I met when I moved to Austin back in 2003 was the Soup Peddler. At that time, he was the roommate of my best friend and had started the business out of the kitchen of their South Austin home. I even worked for him for a total of three weeks at one point!
Fast forward seven years and Dave Ansel has become an iconic and much-revered figure in the Austin community and beyond. I’ve been filled with awe as I’ve watched him build his business, his family (wife …

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[22 Nov 2010 | 16 Comments | 24,611 views]
My Fit Foods 21 Day Challenge

This post is by Jessica, a dear friend and first-time blogger with this post on her experience on the My Fit Foods 21 day eating challenge. My Fit Foods, like Mel’s Meals and Snap Kitchen, that all opened relatively recently in Austin, sells individually packaged, healthy, fresh prepared meals. With Thanksgiving a couple days away, this seemed like as good a time as any to post about these healthy options.
I can vouch for Jessica that when she commits to something, she sticks with it, and this challenge wasn’t easy. For …

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