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[7 Jul 2009 | 8 Comments | 2,932 views]
Tasty Tuesdays: Best Sushi in Austin

I’m a sucker for new food trailers and after hearing about Sushi-A-Go-Go on Twitter last week, I had to check it out. I drove from my office up to Manor Road where this new trailer was parked after being enticed by their daily Twitter special of $1 edamame and fresh tuna and yellowtail roll for $5.50. This spot is cash-only and I had $8 so I rounded out my purchase with a $0.50 house made Go-Go-Sauce and left the rest for tip.
Kayo Asazu is the owner of Sushi-A-Go-Go and she …

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[24 Jun 2009 | 2 Comments | 5,767 views]
We Ate, We Ate, We Biked. We Ate More.

The Tasty Touring South Austin Food Trailer Tour was over a week ago and Adam’s dad Lenny has been clamoring (or so I’m told) for a recap on the blog.
This is for you, Lenny.
Like the East Austin Taco Tour the month before, the weather played a large role. Instead of torrential rains, it was hot, Africa hot, that morning. Normally, I like the comfort of my car and it’s lovely air conditioning during the summer months in Austin. As tour planner, I felt it was only fair that I brave …

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[11 Jun 2009 | 2 Comments | 2,058 views]
Bike Tour Saturday and Vote for Favorite Pizza!

If you’re in town and not a Harley Honey, hope you will join us for the South Austin Food Trailer Tour! It’s free, self-guided, and you’ll be with a lot of other new riders and/or pro racers riding their bicycles around town in search of delicious vittles. You can drive, too (this is Texas after all) but some of us might laugh and point
In honor of the Tasty Touring Trailer Tour on Saturday, Taste No Evil Muffins will be offering “Half Size Muffins” so you can have all …

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[4 Jun 2009 | 5 Comments | 2,805 views]
South Austin Pizza Stand Brings the Amore

I don’t remember the first time I saw Giovanni Pizza Stand on South Lamar at Barton Skyway, and was surprised to learn when I finally visited this past weekend that it has been there for two years. Giovanni is easy to miss – it’s a small white trailer with unassuming signage set in the back of an empty parking lot.
Owned by Julio Rangel, word is he settled on calling his little pizza and pasta stand by an Italian name to avoid people driving up and asking for tacos. Julio …

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[15 May 2009 | No Comment | 2,228 views]
Austin’s Food Truck Craze on KGSR

Today we talked about the new craze sweeping the nation — and Austin — the food truck. Below is a photo of Flip Happy Crepes, one of the first to serve delicious food out of a trailer. It has been followed by a cadre of fancy food trailers located throughout Austin and concentrated on South Congress and South First Streets.

And here is the show!

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