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[30 Aug 2012 | 8 Comments | 3,834 views]
Where I’ve Been….

I didn’t think anyone else really noticed that I took a bit of a hiatus from blogging, and was tickled to see that one of my loyal readers did notice — thanks for the shout (er, call)-out, RL. Anyway, it’s true that I was out of blogging practice for over two months this summer. Not only that, but I haven’t been able to keep up with my own blog reader (there are currently 309 items in my unread food blogger feed), nor have I been very active on Twitter. I have …

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[16 Sep 2011 | 16 Comments | 4,266 views]
Le Fantasme Foodie Commence!

Today is the day that Adam and I leave on our Whole Foods Foodie Fantasy trip to Berlin, Amsterdam, Bruges, and Paris. Thank you again for voting for the video and giving us the opportunity to experience the trip of a lifetime.
Being an OCD over-planner, I picked up a couple books from the library and a friend. I’ll admit that I didn’t crack the spine on some of these, but I think setting them next to my bed while I slept may have allowed some of the information to enter …

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[18 Apr 2011 | 39 Comments | 4,190 views]
Thank You All! We Did It!

As I refreshed my Facebook screen for the umpteenth time this morning, I saw my profile picture next to an update from Whole Foods. It didn’t register at first, but as the realization hit me that I was the winner of Whole Food’s national food blogger contest to win a trip to Europe, I screamed and started running around the office, hugging everyone and jumping up and down! Here is that update:

And on the contest page, the win was confirmed!

Thank you to everyone who voted for me — especially those …

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[1 Apr 2011 | 14 Comments | 3,845 views]
Austin Bakes for Japan and an Update

I’ve missed connecting with everyone through the blog these past two weeks and wanted to share what’s been happening in my world.
I have a new full-time gig doing PR and social media for SolarWinds, an IT management software company. I’m “drinking through the fire hose” as they say in corporate America — but loving every minute! Best food-related perk of the new gig? They cater in lunch twice a week from local Austin businesses! If you have any recommendations for local companies that would be interested in catering an upcoming company …

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