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[27 Sep 2010 | 5 Comments | 4,101 views]
Foot (and Back) Heaven in New York’s Chinatown

From Joe’s Shanghai (see yesterday’s blog to read about my soup dumpling adventure in NYC), I walked across the street to Foot Heaven for a massage.
Earlier in the week, I sent out an email asking friends to recommend a cheap massage place, preferably in Chinatown, and Jillian recommended this spot. I made an appointment (although they take walk-ins as well) for an hour long acupressure back rub ($45).
For those accustomed to high-end massage experiences, Foot Heaven could be an unpleasant surprise. The atmosphere, while calm, is not stylish or particularly …

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[27 Sep 2010 | 5 Comments | 4,073 views]
Soup Dumplings NYC

I spent my birthday last week in NYC — picking up coffee at Roasting Plant, going to a $5 community yoga class at Integral Yoga , and then taking the train down to Chinatown for soup dumplings and a massage.
When I asked folks on Twitter where to go for soup dumplings, the response was a resounding Joe’s Shanghai (thanks to @jenneraustin and @supertsai). Joe’s Shanghai has locations in Flushing, Queens,  Chinatown, midtown Manhattan, and Tokyo.
Adam first turned me on to soup dumplings and has talked about us making them at …

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[20 Sep 2010 | 29 Comments | 4,932 views]
Tasty Tuesdays: A Taste of New York

I’m in New York City this week, so Tasty Tuesdays is coming with me. I actually lived in “The City” as many call it, for three years before I moved to Austin. I was up on the food scene back then but I’m now pretty much a run-of-the-mill tourist with no idea what has opened since then. When I visit, I rely on the kindness of strangers and friends.

Perry of New York Street Food made the following recommendations:
Of the trucks that move around, I love Schnitzel & Things, Frites ‘N’ …

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[14 Sep 2010 | 25 Comments | 5,939 views]
Tasty Tuesdays: Best Interior Mexican

Google “Austin Interior Mexican” and you won’t have to scroll far down to find Fonda San Miguel. Before Fonda opened in 1975, Austin was a decidedly Tex-Mex town.
What’s the difference? That’s up to your own personal interpretation but I think of Tex-Mex as dishes like chips and salsa, queso, fajitas, and the combination plate.
Interior or Regional Mexican is more traditional cuisine that is served and enjoyed throughout the six regions of the country. According to Wikipedia, some of the specialties of each region include:

Yucatán – sweetness and achiote seasoning
Oaxaca – tamales and …

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[12 Sep 2010 | 11 Comments | 10,445 views]
Nov. 6: Austin Trailer Food Festival

UPDATE from the organizers (11/1/10): The event is from 11am-8pm, family- and dog-friendly. We have great live music all day with Junior Brown, Gary Clark Jr, J. Roddy Walston and The Business, Ruby Jane, English Teeth and Noise revival Orchestra. Gypsy Picnic is free to the public, and all of the trailers will be serving sampler sizes for $3 or less.
Dear trailer-owning and trailer-loving friends,
On Saturday, Nov. 6 from 11 a.m. – 8 p.m., Austin’s Auditorium Shores will be home of the Gypsy Picnic, its first large-scale trailer food festival. …

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[9 Sep 2010 | 10 Comments | 2,918 views]
The Tigress Brings Out the Feline

I’m kicking myself for writing this because The Tigress is the kind of place that makes you feel like you “discovered it” and are in on a secret. Add to that the fact that it’s tiny and to be honest with you, I don’t want anyone to go except for my friends.
That said, I also want to share my love for The Tigress with the world so that everyone can experience it’s sweetness and so it will continue to thrive.
Located on North Loop, the only signage for The Tigress is …

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[8 Sep 2010 | 3 Comments | 3,502 views]
Beautiful, Savory, Swimmers at a Maryland Crab Feast

I visited home this summer and joined my parents and brother for a crab feast at Fisherman’s Crab Deck in Kent Island on the Chesapeake Bay. It takes almost an hour and a half to get to Kent Island from their apartment in Rockville, but to us, the experience is worth every mile.
While we waited for a table, we walked over to the nearby marina, where we met a crab boat salesman who was catching his dinner. He showed us how you can tell male and female blue crabs apart …

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