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[24 Sep 2008 | 7 Comments | 1,803 views]
It’s All About the Forks

I have to give a shout-out to Adam, Mike, Brian, John, Mark, June, and Sally — the Friday lunch crew from my previous job at UT Law.
We would go out to lunch every Friday and I took on the role of the Lunch Czar — making sure that everyone had an equal chance to pick where we went. I also devised a fork-based rating system (between 1-5) along with comments and posted the scores on a rudimentary internal site.
Adam sent me the attached screenshot of the very cool updated website. …

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[26 Aug 2008 | 4 Comments | 2,848 views]
Meals for One: Weekly Meal Planning

While not immediately obvious when reading foodtouring, I’m actually a big fan of home food preparation. For the first half of this year, I was a “Cook Once, Eat All Week” gal and would make 3-4 recipes at home on a Sunday, portion them out, and enjoy them for lunches or dinners. Since I’ve moved four times this summer and most of my kitchen tools are in storage, I’ve been cooking much less often.
This weekend, while grabbing a quick lunch at Whole Foods, I picked up “the whole deal,” a …

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