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[4 Apr 2011 | 6 Comments | 5,767 views]
Where to Eat in Marfa, Texas

No one should be surprised that the biggest reason I was excited to visit Marfa was the food.
Where I ate:
Cochineal, which ended up with its own post because it was so memorable and delicious.
Tacos del Norte: Adam and I stopped in to this former gas station to pick up tacos before our morning tour of the Chinati Foundation. While it took a lot longer than the average Austin taqueria to get our food, everything was made with love by the two women running the place, and we watched them freshly …

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[3 Apr 2011 | 10 Comments | 4,568 views]
Cochineal in Marfa, Texas

When I think of West Texas, upscale dining isn’t what comes to mind, but when I read the rave reviews about┬áCochineal, I had to try it.

Adam and I stopped in for dinner our first night in Marfa and walked right past it at first because the sign is almost concealed and the nights are very dark in this part of the world. Walking through the outdoor patio, I was reminded of Justine’s in East Austin, but it was way too cold to even think of sitting outside. The interior was …

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[13 Mar 2011 | 7 Comments | 11,633 views]
Where to Eat and Shop in Marathon, Texas

So now you know where to stay if you ever drive through Marathon, in West Texas. And while the Gage is a huge draw for this small town, they also have some great places to eat and a few gems for shopping.
Where to Eat Dinner:
If you visit Marathon, I’d guess that you’ll probably plan to be there just one night, unless you have some serious chilling out time. Our first night in Marathon, Adam and I ate at 12 Gage, the upscale restaurant that is part of the Gage hotel. …

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[10 Mar 2011 | 13 Comments | 8,646 views]
A Long Weekend in Austin

Austin has become quite the tourist destination. According to a 2011 study from Brookings, Austin is the top city in the U.S. right now for recent college grads, and The Atlantic says it “could be America’s hottest city at the moment.”
Many visitors are traveling to Austin as I type this to participate in the SXSW interactive, film, and music conferences. Most of these folks are going to be attending just one conference, others will stay for longer. However, since we Americans are known for our limited vacation time, I thought …

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[6 Mar 2011 | 29 Comments | 7,851 views]
Austin Visitor’s Guide to Late Night Eats

It boggles my mind that SXSW and the huge crush of people it brings to Austin is starting in just a few days. In order to help out-of-towners navigate our local food scene, a group of Austinites with food blogs have decided to update and expand the Food Bloggers’ Guide to Austin, first published in 2010.

I’ll be updating my posts from last year — 24 Hour Eats and Austin Overrated. I must warn you that other than the closing of Katz’s Deli, not much has changed in the open 24 …

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