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[2 Apr 2010 | 13 Comments | 3,410 views]
Dog Friendly California at Carmel-by-the-sea

I’m sitting in our hotel bar drinking wine with my mom and our friend Jane. We are surrounded by the din of happy patrons, guests, and lots of dogs!
It’s so funny to me because when my mom made reservations for the night at Cypress Inn for tonight, she didn’t know that it was:
a) Co-owned by Doris Day (yes, she is still alive)
b) One of the most pet friendly hotels in the state (if not the world)

We realized there was something different about this place at check-in this afternoon when we …

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[31 Jan 2010 | 36 Comments | 3,166 views]
Eulogy for Cassie: My First Dog

Dec. 1, 1994 – Jan. 28, 2010
We lost a special dog this week
the kind you can’t replace
and looking at her favorite spots
We still can see her face.

After a bath she had boundless energy
as she ran from room to room,
Launching over couches
Around the house she’d zoom.
I remember how she’d tug on my sheets
to play her favorite game,
Bouncing forward like a bunny rabbit
When she heard us call her name.
She did her guard dog duty
Each time the doorbell rang,
rolling over on her back
for a belly rub whomever came.
Our Cassie knew what she …

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[14 Dec 2009 | 47 Comments | 4,909 views]
The Bubbe Chronicles Vol. 1: Eating with Bubbe

Adam’s Bubbe, Bessie Holzband, is ninety eight and a half years old. We love to spend time with her when we visit Houston for holidays like Passover and most recently, Thanksgiving.
I’ve known Bubbe for less than a year but she introduces me as one of her grandchildren to the staff and residents in her retirement community. It’s very sweet. I call her Bubbe which isn’t a conflict of interest for me because: a) all of my grandparents have passed away and b) my grandmothers were known as “Mama” and “Nagymama” …

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[1 Dec 2009 | 10 Comments | 3,069 views]
Lunch with Austin Pizza King, Seth Mazow

It’s been a month or so since I met Seth at Homeslice to enjoy the sun-dappled patio and a free pizza. My day job keeps me pretty much tied to my desk so I asked Seth if we could go early to beat the lines. I walked in when they opened at 11:30 a.m. and saw a line of work-a-day type dudes wrapped around the building, waiting for their pizza fix. It wasn’t even a Friday!

Luckily, Seth lives down the street and offered to walk over a bit early to …

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[16 Jul 2009 | 9 Comments | 2,483 views]

After reading the Statesman story about restaurateur Lola Stephens-Bell handing out ice water to Austin’s homeless to cool them down on these 100 degree and higher days, I knew it was finally time to check out her place, Nubian Queen Lola’s Cajun Soul Food. A group was quickly formed via Twitter and e-mail, and I called Lola to make a reservation for 7 p.m. the following night, a Tuesday.
The group included me and Adam, Ilyse, Darrell from Bella Verdi Farms, David and Betsy, and Jennifer and Roderick. When we arrived, …

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