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Coco Coquette Wig Party

18 December 2013 7,729 views No Comment

I like to celebrate milestone birthdays, well, all birthdays really, for a while. This year, I celebrated the actual day of my birthday at Utopia Fest. It was so much fun! Since I couldn’t be with some of my close friends, I decided to do something I’ve wanted to do since I read about it in the Austin Eavesdropperhost a wig party!

Coco Coquette

My wonderful husband was the only gentleman invited, and he graciously played bartender for the soiree, and took some great pictures of the crew as we got styled. He doesn’t look so thrilled at the role below, probably because he was under doctors orders not to drink that night. This was terrible timing for an acute pancreatitis episode (not that it’s ever a good time).

Bartender and photographer

Coco Coquette allows folks to bring their own food and drinks if they like, so we picked up pizza from Home Slice and cupcakes from Sugar Mama’s to serve with the cocktails. I saved the cute 3 and 5 candles from a cake my inlaws had surprised me with previously, and dug up some leftover napkins from my 30th birthday because – when else am I going to use them again? The magazines were already there.

Cupcakes and Mags

Each woman had the chance to try on three wigs, and then decided which wig they wanted to keep. Jen fell in love with the “Kristen” style in blonde.

Jen Blonde wig.Thinking yes

Kaiman helps Jen select her wig

Here are the three I tried on….

Flickr Wig Party

All of us ended up purchasing fake lashes, but Brooke was the most daring with her selection. By the end of the evening, she told us that her eyes were tired from wearing them!

Brooke getting her makeup did

Allyson applies makeup and lashes on Brooke.

Wigs really do bring out a different side of your personality….

Mer Jod Jen

Mer, me and Jen

Blowing out candles

The party was two hours, and at the end, we all posed for a group shot. My only regret is that Adam didn’t try on “The Elvis.”

The Gang

After the party, we went down the street to Weather Up for cocktails. How cute is Jess in her little pink number?

Sexy Jessi

 It was such a special celebration for my 35th and I would definitely recommend it to others.

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