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Three Generations of Family Wedding Portraits

30 June 2013 5,150 views 4 Comments

A project that I started, but did not finish, before our wedding last October was to print out family wedding portraits to display on the welcome table. And since my parents and in-laws spent the time to find and scan the photos for me, I wanted to share them here in order of wedding date.

My mom’s parents, Joe and Betty Leitch, were married in St. Catharines, Ontario — Betty’s hometown — on May 24, 1937. Papa and Mama — as they were known to their grandchildren, met in early 1936, and Joe was immediately smitten. In 1948, Linda, their third and youngest child (my mom) was born in St. Catharines.

betty and joe leitch small

Joe and Betty Leitch

My dad’s parents, Magda and Imre Bart, were married in Budapest, Hungary on May 7, 1939. Nagymama and Nagypapa, as Jeff and I called them — survived the holocaust; almost every member of their immediate and extended family were killed, or died of disease during the six years of war after their wedding. In 1946, Andras (Andy), their only child, was born in Budapest.

Imre and Magda large

Magda and Imre Bart

Adam’s paternal grandparents, Morris and Bessie Holzband, were married in Los Angeles on July 17, 1943. Bubbe and Zadie, as Adam called them, welcomed Charles Leonard (Lenny), Adam’s dad and their oldest child, in Los Angeles in 1945.

Morrie and Bess Holzband

Morrie and Bess Holzband

Adam’s maternal grandparents, Sylvia and Milton Oberstein (Grandma and Gramps), were married in Ada, Oklahoma on April 30, 1944. They eventually settled in Tulsa where Paula, Adam’s mom and their oldest child, was born in 1948.

milton and sylvia oberstein small

Sylvia and Milton Oberstein

Adam’s parents, Lenny and Paula Holzband, were married in Tulsa, Oklahoma on October 22, 1972. Adam was born in Houston in 1975.

Paula and Lenny Holzband

Lenny and Paula Holzband

My parents, Andy and Linda Bart, were married in Buffalo, New York on August 4, 1974. They were living in Toronto at the time, and later moved to Ottawa, where I was born in 1978, and My brother Jeff was born in 1981.

Linda and Andy Bart

Andy and Linda Bart

Adam and I were married exactly three months after we got engaged, and a little over three years after we met, on December 25, 2011 in Houston. We had already scheduled our wedding for October 2012, but Adam’s 100-year-old Bubbe was in hospice, and we wanted her to see us married.

adam and jodi toasting

Adam Holzband and Jodi Bart

We got married again — in Austin — on October 6, 2012.


Adam and Jodi Holzband

Looking back on these pictures, these events seem to have taken place so long ago, and every couple is so young and innocent-looking. They couldn’t have guessed what great joy and painful sorrows lay ahead. What is amazing is that each couple stood by each other through sickness and in health, in good times and in bad — just as they vowed to each other on their wedding day. We are lucky to come from such loving and loyal families, and look forward to witnessing many joyous family unions for many years to come.

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    Very cool photos!

  • Mom


    This posting is so extremely special and such a great way to remember all the parents and grandparents’s wedding day. You are one special daughter and I love you so very much.

  • Eileen

    I love this post Jodi. Thank you for sharing. Love, eileen

  • http://www.wildandcrazypearl.com/ Emily Goodstein

    I love everything about this! You’re an excellent archivist, Jodi B. xo