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Tasty n Sons in Portland

8 April 2013 6,364 views One Comment

I’m so very glad that we followed the many recommendations and visited Tasty n Sons for brunch while we were in Portland last fall. Here’s a photo of the dining room that I grabbed from their website. Don’t you love the Soup Peddler-style bicycle on the wall?

Photo Credit: Tasty n Sons

Photo Credit: Tasty n Sons

How cute is this stamp on the top of the menu? I want to have hundreds of these made so that I can wear them everywhere.


Adam and I grabbed seats on the bar near the window, and ordered glasses of Smith Teamaker tea. You might not have heard of Steven Smith, but you have likely enjoyed his teas. Smith was the creator of Tazo teas, which was acquired by Starbucks in the late ’90s.


We started our meal with a delicious breakfast board ($8), which changes daily. Ours included house-pickled beets, apples, house-made chicken liver mousse, a hard-boiled egg, house-made beef jerky, house-made lebna, and fresh bread crostini. You could taste the love in every single bite.


The french toast with Marionberry-maple syrup and whipped cream was amazing; I had never heard of this type of berry before. The only Marion Barry I was familiar with was the Washington, D.C. Mayoral variety, which has a much smokier flavor.


Our final dish was the fried egg and cheddar biscuit with house-made sausage. If I ever end up with a hangover in Portland, this is the dish I’m heading straight towards.


So yeah, Tasty n Sons delivers a very tasty brunch, as their chalkboard advertises. I’ll definitely be visiting again the next time I’m in Portland, and while I’m sure the rest of the menu is delicious, it’s going to be difficult straying from these delicious dishes. Perhaps the answer is visiting with a larger, share-friendly group.



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