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Brunch at Portland’s Screen Door

7 April 2013 3,149 views 3 Comments

Just a quick shout-out to Portland’s Screen Door, where we went for brunch on our final day in the city. The wait was long, but we enjoyed spending some extra time walking around the neighborhood for most of the wait time.


The unforgettable dish that we ordered was their famous fried chicken on a sweet potato waffle. Served with maple syrup, as any self-respecting waffle or pancake item should, we also enjoyed the hot sauce that was served on the side. As you can see, this is a huge dish, and four people could easily share it and leave full.

photo (18)

We ended up bringing our leftovers on the plane back to Austin with us with small, TSA-friendly containers full of maple syrup and hot sauce on the side. Delicious.



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