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Le Castelas: Provence Lunch of a Lifetime

2 January 2013 5,528 views 6 Comments

I hope you will forgive me for posting about a meal I had a year and a half ago. It’s one of the dining experiences that you should have before you die if at all possible (especially if you are ever in the Luberon, in France).

On our trip to Provence, two of the best meals we had took place at the end of the trip, and each location was remote, so our day was basically spent driving to lunch and then to wherever we were going to sleep that night. Le Castelas is located in the Luberon region of Provence, just outside of Sivergues. I found it while reading blog posts about places to eat in Provence, as well as Chowhound. Le Castelas is a ferme-auberge (farm-restaurant) that specializes in fromage de chevre (goat cheese).

If you go there, you should know that the final few miles of the drive, your in-car GPS might lose signal, and you’ll be bumping along on a narrow dirt road that didn’t feel to me and Adam like it was going to lead anywhere. But at the end of the road, we came upon this picturesque scene — as 16th Century farmhouse surrounded by wandering goats and pigs.


A waiter walked us down to a picnic table that was actually covered in pellets of goat poop. But like it was nothing, he brushed it off and confirmed that we were both going to be eating lunch that day. I can’t remember whether or not we made a reservation in advance, but it wasn’t very crowded. The meal was price fixe and included rose, goat cheese of different ages and flavors, dried rosemary and thyme, thick honey, crusty bread with butter, and dry aged pork. For dessert, we were served a pear tart. And all this for 25 Euro, while surrounded by goats, pigs, and one dog in the most beautiful surroundings.


The pigs on the property live a pretty great life for the most part.


Of course this is what they are raised for.


The goats are lucky. They spend their days on free reign and begging guests for food — they’ll eat anything, including goat cheeses made with their own milk.


The rose is of course made in the region, and the pears were from trees on the property.

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Overall, this was a foodie and locavores dream meal — so relaxed and wonderful. I hope to go back one day with Adam and our own kids (not the cloven hoof kind).



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