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Alain Ducasse’s La Bastide de Moustiers

2 January 2013 3,445 views 3 Comments

Our final show-stopping meal in Provence was at Bastide de Moustiers in Moustiers, an Alain Ducasse restaurant and inn in Moustiers Sainte Marie. It was about an hour and a half drive from our hotel in Aix, but the drive was beautiful, and the meal was perfect in every way.


View from the road to lunch

Before we left for our trip, Adam had met with our friend Danika Boyle, owner of Petite Peche & Co., an Austin company that specializes in intimate travel experiences and behind the scenes access to Provence, Paris and Florence for those seeking a deeper connection in travel.

She told him that Bastide de Moustiers was a must, and she was totally right.

Upon arrival, we were seated on the beautiful terrace, and when the sommelier charmingly asked if we wanted to start with an apertif, or a glass of bubbly rose, I immediately said that sounded lovely, and Adam did as well. Of course, I didn’t ask how much it would cost — that would have been so gauche! Adam chuckled to himself. Later, when the check came, we saw that each glass was $25. I’m glad I didn’t ask because it was so worth it for the experience, and knowing how much it cost in advance would have somehow cheapened the joy I felt at that moment.


This is the amazing view from our seats.


And some gorgeous vegetables from the garden that look like they were arranged by a food stylist. Great photo by Adam also!


I can’t remember what this was, but it was delicious of course. Also, how gorgeous are those plates?


And this fish – wonderful!


What truly took our breath away was this selection of raw and aged cheeses. When the girl came by to offer us the cheese course, we asked her “how many can we have?” She looked puzzled and answered, “as many as you would like!” So of course we tried as many of the cheeses as we could.


This is my plate of delicious, gooey, amazing cheese. Probably few of these would be legal to bring into the U.S. due to our ridiculous pasteurization laws.


And this citrus tart was so refreshing. Love the way you can see the sunlight coming in through this crystallized slice on top.


This chocolate mousse was OMG.


And on the drive home, we passed this beautiful field of sunflowers.


The grand total for our meal was 211 Euros, including the two classes of champagne (36 E), 1 menu grisoliere (58 E), 1 menu de la bastide (72 E), a bottle of Chateau Margui (37 E), and two espressos (8E). The menus change daily and I can’t remember exactly what was on each menu since we didn’t keep paper copies, but it was nice to each order a different tasting menu so we could order a bit of everything.

The meal was one of the most relaxed I’ve ever experienced and we were there for hours. So lovely. If you go, make a reservation in advance.


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