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Out-of-Town Visitors’ Austin Recommendations: Part 3

14 November 2012 3,634 views One Comment

Our wedding guests sent in some great recommendations for me to pass on to other visitors to Austin. Here’s part three of the series.

Emily Goodstein of Wild and Crazy Pearl

Tacodeli continues to be a favorite food destination in Austin. I look forward to many more mornings there with Lucy Bart by my side sitting at a picnic table. I love knowing that “The Otto” with egg is called “The Craig” (THANKS KENNY); Editor’s Note: It turns out “The Craig” is an invention of one of my most dear, creative, and convincing friends. If you want egg in your Otto, simply ask for “The Otto with egg.” I especially enjoy washing down a breakfast taco, or three, with a sweet tea.

Emily's mom Lois shows off her taco

Emily's mom Lois shows off her taco

I had also never been in Barton Springs. One tip that isn’t so clear for folks visiting in a non-wedding capacity is that you should bring a float (good thing you provided them). There is no salt in Barton Springs meaning it takes lots of effort to keep afloat, unless you bring your own floatation device with you. It is a quintessential Austin activity.

Mia Ansel can't decide which float is her favorite

Mia Ansel can't decide which float is her favorite

One of my favorite parts of the wedding weekend was the discovery of Jester King Brewery. I learned that they have a pizza oven and lots of events featuring live music. I think it would be a really fun place to check out on a future Austin adventure.

sugar mamas

Oh, and Sugar Mama’s. Those mint brownies were OUT OF THIS WORLD. I can’t wait to return to Sugar Mama’s and am considering taking some of their baked goods back to DC with me. A new addition to my “must do in Austin” list.

Renee LeVine:

We had breakfast at Tacodeli Saturday morning and the taco they said was the most popular (The Otto), Josh ordered one despite the fact that it had lots of beans and he doesn’t like them and I like them a little. But the others we ordered I loved (The Jess Special, The Migas and El Popeye), although, again, Josh tried to keep us bit healthy by ordering 2 of them with the whole wheat tortilla and it just doesn’t do them justice, they needed to be the corn, which is what I love anyway. And they were more delicious with the salsa on them!

From there we went to the Jo’s Coffee in the 2nd Street District and it was a bit of a disappointment. I’m not a great judge of the coffee itself since I love my Starbuck’s (nothing beats my tall decaf skim mocha, hahaha) but Josh ordered a double espresso and I ordered a mocha and it took a good 10-15 minutes to get our drinks. It was crazy. And it looked like they almost forgot Josh’s and when he did get it it seemed like a single espresso.

We walked around the 2nd Street District Friday afternoon, which was ok. Very quiet and had some interesting stores. Saturday we walked around SoCo, which I remembered from when I visited you! It was fun to do some shopping since I don’t get to do it very much and we enjoyed roaming through Allen’s Boots but I found the fact that there weren’t as many stores for both of us to enjoy as I had hoped. I loved the shopping and got a few things in the Y&I boutique so I can’t really complain but I was definitely hoping for more stores that both Josh & I would enjoy venturing into together. At the end, Josh, Laura and Catherine ventured off to the San Jose Hotel for a drink.

All in all, I think what is most interesting to me as an outsider is all the cowboy boots! But its fun. And I had remembered that I expected everyone to have more Texas accents but yet it wasn’t the case at all. We talked a bit about all the “outdoorsy” restaurants, food trucks, independent restaurants, etc. that we weren’t used to but enjoyed the charm of. One final note – I did find the city very easy to navigate around which is great for someone new to the city!

Sharon Sommerstein:

I would advise anyone who has not been to your wonderful city to take the 90 minute tour [I believe she took the duck tour]. It was fun and very informative … the guide gave us a good view of Austin which of course is beautiful.

I did not see any oil wells or tall, dark , handsome millionaires but I am sure there are.

If you missed them, check out part one and part two in a series of recommendations for Austin visitors from our out-of-town wedding guests.

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