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Alamo at Slaughter Lane

1 June 2012 3,141 views 4 Comments

It’s summer movie season, and today I want to highlight two of the newer movie theatres in town. First up is the new Alamo Drafthouse on Slaughter Lane.

The Alamo Drafthouse locations on South Lamar, the Ritz (downtown) and Slaughter Lane now offer the option of reserved seating. At Slaughter, each auditorium has about 20 reserved seats available in a specific section at a $2 upcharge. This is a great option for folks who don’t want to get in line or arrive an hour or more before showtime.

Lamar, Ritz and Slaughter Lane have two ticketing options:  reserved seating and traditional general admission.
A few notes on each:
• Reserved Seating at Slaughter Lane: Each auditorium has a limited number of reserved seats available
in a specific section at a $2 upcharge.
Typically the number of reserved seats will be 20 or less.  This is a ‘pick your seat’ model within a
certain section and the seats will be held for you up until show time.  We still recommend you arrive
early enough to place your order and find your seat with the lights up (typically 20 minutes before show time).
With reserved seating, the seat you bought is yours and there’s no reason to get in line or show up early.
• General Admission: These tickets are first come first served.  You buy your ticket, show up when you like
and line up just as we’ve always done.
Ticket Pick Up

Ticket Pick Up

I believe this is the only Drafthouse that has been built from the ground up and it feels like a more polished, mature version of some of the other Drafthouses in town. The lobby has a full bar with a long row of draft beer, and the full menu of drinks and food are available to order and enjoy while waiting for your theatre to open.


Attached to the lobby is 400 Rabbits bar. With an impressive drink menu designed by bartender Bill Norris, 400 Rabbits menu offers specialty cocktails and its own food menu. They also offer flights of their extensive selection of tequila and mezcal. While the bar itself is small, there is a large outdoor patio where folks were enjoying a game of bar trivia. I’m sure that all of the Circle C suburban parents are thrilled to have a downtown quality bar so close to the house.

400 Rabbits

400 Rabbits

I love the new setup inside the theatres. Instead of one long bar, every two chairs are connected to one small table, which feels more intimate and comfortable. It’s much easier to get up to go to the restroom without having to do the limbo under the bar to get out of my seat without disturbing others in the row.  I was there with a friend, but I suppose it could be uncomfortable to have to share a table with a complete stranger for some.

New table set-up

New table set-up

Overall, I enjoyed the new Alamo at Slaughter. While it’s a bit less “weird” than the other Drafthouses, I enjoyed some of the new ideas they have added to the concept.


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