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Snap Kitchen: How It Works

20 December 2011 3,603 views One Comment

Some of you have been asking about my progress on the Snap Kitchen program. I am weighing myself once a week, and I lost about two pounds in the first two weeks. Also, my energy level is higher than it’s been in months!

Others are curious about how the program works. Basically, its a 21-Day program where you buy all of your meals — five small meals a day — from Snap Kitchen. For most women, the price breaks down to about $40 a day according to my rough calculations. To begin, you meet with one of Snap’s Registered Dietitians for a consultation to discuss an individual plan that takes into accounts any dietary needs, likes and dislikes.  The cost of the consultation ($40) is free with full payment of your meal plan (around $600 for a woman my size trying to lose weight).

Interior of Triangle Location. Photo provided by Snap Kitchen.

Interior of Triangle Location. Photo provided by Snap Kitchen.

Every three days, I call one of the Snap Kitchen stores  – there are two in Austin — tell them my name and any substitutions I’d like to make, and swing by to pick up my three individually labeled bags. It’s an awesome feeling to know that I won’t have to plan or think about what I’m going to eat over the next few days. Such a luxury.

This past weekend, Adam and I were in Houston visiting family, and I needed to pick up my meals on Sunday. We decided to check out the only non-Austin location of Snap Kitchen, on Kirby in Houston. It was a last-minute stop so I didn’t have time to call ahead and ask the folks to prepare my meals, so we gathered the containers together. Here’s a photo of what almost three days of food looks like:

Three Days of Commit - To Go

A few days of the commit program to go

And if waste makes you crazy (like it does me), you’ll like that the Snap Kitchen containers are completely reusable. I’ve kept mine, because I’m kind of a tupperware junkie, but Snap will recycle them as well. You can read more about Snap’s commitment to green living here.

As I look ahead to my last three days of Snap Kitchen feeding me (note: they compensated me for about 2/3 of the cost of the program in exchange for writing about my experience with the program), I know the real test will begin when I’m back to my own devices. I’ll share more about what I’ve learned and which habits I hope will stick in my final post, coming sometime in the next week.


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