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Where to Eat in Marfa, Texas

4 April 2011 5,795 views 6 Comments

No one should be surprised that the biggest reason I was excited to visit Marfa was the food.

Where I ate:

Cochineal, which ended up with its own post because it was so memorable and delicious.

Tacos del Norte: Adam and I stopped in to this former gas station to pick up tacos before our morning tour of the Chinati Foundation. While it took a lot longer than the average Austin taqueria to get our food, everything was made with love by the two women running the place, and we watched them freshly chop peppers and onions before sauteeing them for us.

Tacos del Norte To Go

Tacos del Norte To Go

After the morning tour of Chinati Foundation, we asked our sweet tour guide Grace, to join us for lunch at Pizza Foundation. We each ordered greek salads and then split 1/2 a pizza pie topped with fresh tomatoes and spinach while sitting outside enjoying the sunshine and the company. Grace was finishing up the last week of her work in Marfa before moving back to the East Coast and she shared some of her favorite places in Marfa with us.

Delicious Pizza Foundation Slices

Delicious Pizza Foundation Slices

Thanks to Grace’s suggestions, we spent the rest of the afternoon after our Chinati Tour at the cuppola of the Marfa City Hall to check out a 360 degree view of the town and driving up to the Marfa Compost (basically the dump) so that Adam could scavenge for treasures (he found a rusty small wheelbarrow that he plans to use as a planter).


My mom and I ended up at Padre’s Marfa for a late lunch one day. Padre’s is co-owned by David Beebe, a musician who I used to see every year at Austin’s Continental Club as part of the Allen Oldies Band. He’s also part of Banana Blender Surprise and The El Orbits and helped bring the Continental Club to Houston.

I’d heard that Padre’s had fantastic burgers and I was starving so I ordered the Don Ho Hawaiian Burger with cheese, ham, grilled pineapple, and hoisin mayo. It was delicious and along with the Cajun Dill flavored Zapp’s and their house margarita, totally hit the spot.

Don Ho Hawaiian Burger

Don Ho Hawaiian Burger

Where I didn’t eat:

I’d heard lots of good things about Food Shark and Austin Street Cafe but didn’t get to try them on this trip.

Food Shark was closed for the off-season when Adam and I drove through, and when my mom and I stopped by for a late lunch on a Friday, they were packing up and weren’t going to open again until the following Tuesday.  Their website says that they are “occasionally open Saturdays.”

Food Shark (yep, its a food truck)

Food Shark (yep, its a food truck)

The folks behind Food Shark have started serving grilled cheese at their Museum of Electronic Wonders and Late Night Grilled Cheese Parlour some evenings starting at 9:30 p.m. The building is located on highway 90 (aka San Antonio Street) between Kelly and Abbot and you can check out a recent menu here.

Austin Street Cafe is only open for one day and one meal a month. They offer brunch on the first Sunday of the month but we missed it by a day.  Here is fellow Austin food blogger Jennie Chen’s account of her visit to Austin Street Cafe.

Obviously, my next visit to Marfa will be strategically planned on a weekend when all three of these spots are open.

For more photos of Marfa, check out the slideshow below.

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