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Austin Post: Jodi Bart Wins the Whole Foods Foodie Fantasy Contest

23 April 2011 3,119 views 16 Comments

Thank you to Michelle Savage-Mena for writing this story about me for the Austin Post!


By Michelle Savage-Mena

Monday April 18, 2011

It’s probably not a surprise to her parents, who always heard their young daughter hum with bliss while eating, but the all grown up Jodi Bart, creator of the delectably local Tasty Touring food blog, sure was surprised today to win the Whole Foods Foodie Fantasy Contest. Now Bart and a buddy will go on a feeding frenzy from Berlin to Amsterdam to Bruges to Paris with a couple stops at producers in Europe. Now Bart can go from frantically rallying for votes to pouring over travel guides and trying on her Eurochic outfits in the mirror.

Bart’s video won out over 114 other submissions and the contestants were shaved down to eight by internal judges. The final judgment came from public votes on facebook and even though Bart, “hated needling people for votes,” her entertaining video was easy to get behind. She didn’t stand in front of the camera and tell you why she deserved to win. She wears an outlandish bar maid costume and dances her way through the grocery store. Bart thinks, “Nobody really deserves to win, so I made something to make people smile.”

Tasty Touring, Bart’s blog, won Austin’s Best Food Blog in the Austin Chronicle in 2010. Bart says, “I do it as a hobby. I don’t make money from it. It’s just my artistic outlet.” More than just recipes and restaurant reviews Bart includes stories about the people who make the food she loves. She says, “I love to find out about people, the back stories and interesting tid bits.” About the tour, she is most excited to try waffles in Belgium drizzled with chocolate.

The big question – who will get to be the plus one of Bart’s tandem tour? Bart says, “My boyfriend, Adam.” Lucky guy. Of course several alternates are vying for position and behind dad and mom are “about 50 other friends” who have volunteered to go. Since she just started a new job, Bart says she has to save up time off to take her tour and hopes to go by the fall.

Who knows, Austin, maybe this will give you a time enough to woo your way into Bart’s heart and share a bite of her Belgian waffle.

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