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Small Organic Farm Uses QR Codes

4 October 2010 2,761 views No Comment

Note: This information is co-posted on Mobilisms, a Fleishman-Hillard blog.

At Fleishman, we think QR codes are pretty cool. We worked closely with an automotive client to experiment with them during SXSW 2010 by positioning QR codes on different parts of a vehicle we were previewing.

Conference-goers interested in learning more about a specific feature could scan those codes, reading and saving the information to their smartphones.

Shopping one day at the Whole Foods Flagship store in Austin, TX, I was amazed to see a QR code displayed in the egg department. This is the only example I’ve seen of a QR code in a grocery store.

Vital Farms QR Code

Vital Farms QR Code

Vital Farms, a local organic egg farm, shared a video showing the farm as well as the owners talking about their philosophy. The video served as an excellent marketing vehicle, to differentiate these eggs from the rest.

I learned about how lovingly they care for their chickens, and what I saw on the video directly led me to put the carton in my basket.

I also think that the Whole Foods marketing department did a great job in explaining, step-by-step and right next to the code itself, how the technology works.

Now that we’ve established QR codes are super cool and cutting edge, I want to make sure y’all know what to do with a QR code if you see one around.

Smartphone owners need to download a QR code application before scanning the code with their camera. Some examples of QR code apps include Code Scanner, iCandy, Neoreader, and Optiscan.

Once you have a QR code reader on the phone, you just scan the QR code and check out the information that is encoded. This can be text, photo, video, URL, or other data.

What experiences have you had — as a marketer or consumer — with QR codes?

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