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The Beautiful Food of Berkeley

28 March 2010 2,498 views 5 Comments

I’m in Berkeley this weekend visiting my cousin and her family for Passover. It’s my first time in Berkeley since I was a teenager and I wasn’t sure it would live up to my expectations of awesome local food. On the first morning, it totally did. My cousin Jami, her husband Andrew, and their baby Jonah live in a house that is walking distance from the gorgeous scenes below.

First, a bakery, called La Farine. We stopped there so I could pick up a savory morning bun with ham, cheese, and onion inside a flaky pastry dough in the shape of a cinnamon roll but without the sweetness.

la farine


We didn’t stop at the butcher store right next store to the bakery called Ver Brugge since it was so early but came back later to pick up a stewing chicken and shank bone (they called it a Sedar Bone) for the upcoming holiday.

Next up was Cole Coffee, where David custom brewed up a cup of Sumatra Viennese. There was a huge line in this tiny shop — deemed by many as the best coffee in Berkeley — and friends, dogs, and babies crowded at tables outside. As a side note, Berkeley truly reminds me of Brooklyn in so many ways — it’s the Brooklyn of San Francisco.

cole coffee

Later in the day (after naps for me and for baby Jonah), we headed out to pick up some groceries at Yasai Produce Market — a tiny corner grocery store across from a Safeway and very close to a Whole Foods. In any other city, those larger stores would figuratively eat the smaller guy alive. Not so in Berkeley.


I got a kick out of all of the beautiful and reasonably priced local produce. I guess that makes sense since a huge amount of the produce nationwide comes from California.



A point of pride was that the grapefruits were from the great state of Texas. Pretty cool given that California is known for their citrus as well!

tx grapefruit

On the walk home I took pictures of some of the lovely flowers and plants. This one came out particularly well on my little Canon s90.


What would a love child between Paris and the Garden of Eden look like? I think something very much like Berkeley.

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  • http://adamholzband.com Adam Holzband

    Glad you're having a good time babe. Everything looks tasty. Props to the Valley for that Texas Grapefruit!

  • addiebroyles

    Ooo! I love California farmers markets! Those strawberries are so cheap (and I'm sure the eggs were, too), but it makes me happy inside to know that I bought delicious TX grapefruits for 10 for a dollar.

    Have fun!

  • jamizakem

    I have an idea! Why don't you move to Berkeley! Love, Cousin Jami

  • jamizakem

    I have an idea! Why don't you move to Berkeley! Love, Cousin Jami

  • jamizakem

    I have an idea! Why don't you move to Berkeley! Love, Cousin Jami