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Thai on the Fly

5 February 2010 2,180 views No Comment

The other night I was trying to decide what to whip up for dinner. We had tons of greens on hand — including bok choy — and I decided to make some Thai food.

The other ingredients I rounded up included Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste, chicken stock, vegetable oil, fish stock, soy sauce, brown sugar, diced ginger and garlic, tofu, red pepper, mushrooms, onions, peanut butter, and crushed nuts.

mise en place

I quickly boiled rice noodles for a little more than five minutes and served it with the stir fry.


I’m generally a bit of a nervous cook but I consulted a recipe on the side of the curry bottle and a cookbook from a class I took a few years ago in Chiang Mai to make it happen. It was good!

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