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Tasty Tuesdays: Best Cocktail in Austin

31 August 2009 4,121 views 26 Comments

austin powersDavid Alan of the Tipsy Texan and Annie’s Cafe & Bar will join us on the KGSR Late Show this Thursday morning at 8:30 a.m. to talk about what life is like as a bartender, mix some drinks from Annie’s new bar menu, and hopefully share some tips on how to make great drinks at home.

My go-to cocktails are either a vodka soda or margarita on the rocks made with freshly squeezed lime juice.

When I’m feeling literary, I’ll go for a Papa Doble, also known as a Hemingway Dauquiri. Ingredients include 2 oz. of light rum, 3/4 oz. fresh lime juice, 1/2 oz. grapefruit juice, 1 tsp. sugar, and 1 teaspoon maraschino liqueur.

What about you, Austin? What’s your favorite cocktail, or cocktail menu in town?

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  • http://www.rebeccammendations.com/ Rebecca

    Bees Knees at The Good Knight! It's made with lavender, honey, gin and lemon juice. MMmmm. Billy the bartender makes it that much sweeter!

  • Betsy

    Although I usually stick with wine or vodka&soda, I do love a good martini. Surprisingly, the dirty martini at Black Sheep Lodge is among the best I've discovered in Austin. I tried it with some kind of Polish potato vodka, and it's extremely smooth with just the right balance of olive flavor. If you go to Black Sheep, definitely get one of their award-winning burgers to complement your beverage. Their sliders will melt in your mouth.

    By the way, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the redesign! All of Jodi and Adam's hard work, creativity,patience and web expertise definitely paid off. Congrats!

  • JennaNoel

    I'm in a bit of a rut now with The Martinez. It is considered by many to be “the great grandfather of the Martini cocktail”

    It's Sweet Vermouth, Gin, maraschino liqueur, bitters and a lemon twist. David at Annie's makes a great one!

  • Laura

    The watermelon martini at The Good Knight!

  • http://twitter.com/SuperCrashRocks SuperCrashRocks

    bacon infused Maker's Mark from Frank

  • http://twitter.com/tx_tine Tine Lee

    Cucumber Martini [Hendricks, Cointreau, cucum juice, rosemary and cayenne pepper] @Peche_Austin is yum! Like a spa in a glass!

  • http://www.caffemedici.com/ Medici Notte

    Apple Annies on 3rd and congress. David makes one mean whiskey cocktails.

  • Name

    S. Congress Cafe bloody mary's are yummy and are a good HH deal. Good margaritas too.


  • http://www.poco-cocoa.com/ Crystal

    At the moment? David's Southside at Annie's Cafe, Bill's Ginger Apricot Daquiri at FINO. Well, basically anything those two make rocks.

  • jodibart

    I think I ordered that last winter when I had a bad cold and it was a very comforting beverage!

  • jodibart

    Add the Black Sheep to the list of restaurants YOU need to take ME to! I just love ordering a dirty martini — don't you? Makes me feel naughty.

    I am so glad that you love the redesign. Adam is amazingly talented and thoughtful and this was surely a labor of love. Lots of work on the back-end — recoding, tagging, and categorizing (and don't even get me started on the process of moving the photos from blogspot to Adam's server), but the end result is worth it!

  • jodibart

    Of course I had to google “Martinez cocktail” to find out the backstory of the great grandfather of the Martini. Here's what I found on Wikipedia:

    There is an American creation myth that may or may not be based in fact. The story goes that during the days of the California Gold Rush, in 1849, a miner struck it rich and was returning to San Francisco. The miner, arriving in Martinez, the first large town he hit, wanted to celebrate. He walked into our leading bar and asked for Champagne, a beverage which was not available. However, the bartender told him (the miner) that he had something much better than Champagne and served a drink which the bartender said was a “Martinez Special”. The miner liked the drink and ordered for the house. After he woke up, some time later, he proceeded on to San Francisco where he immediately went to a prominent bar and ordered a “Martinez Special”. The bartender of course had never heard of the drink and asked the miner how it was made and where he had heard of the drink. The miner said that the drink was made with one part of very dry Sauterne wine and three parts of Gin, stir with ice and finish with an olive and was made in Martinez. The bartender tried the drink himself and liked it and of course had his friends drink it. Over a period of years the name Martinez became martini.[6]

    The Martinez (the original)

    The Martinez is considered by many to be “the great grandfather of the Martini cocktail”[11]

    Dash of bitters; 2 dashes maraschino liqueur; 1 pony Old Tom gin; 1 wine glass vermouth; 1/4 slice lemon;

    Mix all ingredients, except lemon, in a shaker with cracked ice, stir (not shake), then strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Note: Original recipe advised adding two dashes of “gum (sugar) syrup, if the guest prefers it very sweet.”

  • jodibart

    Frank also makes among the best bloody mary's in town. My fave used to be South Congress Cafe (still love 'em there) but now Frank and Shangri-La are my faves. Shangri-La has awesome spicy pepper infused vodka. yum!

  • jodibart

    This sounds so delicious and refreshing!

  • jodibart

    I still need to hang out at the FINO bar and have Bill make me something. I might just have to try that Daquiri. Is it frozen?

  • tpon

    the blue hound at Lamberts… deee-vine.

  • http://siftingthroughaustin.com/ Lee

    Had a really good Mexican Martini (and I've been on the prowl for the best) at Corazon recently. A bit pricey though… given that, I'd probably order again!

  • jodibart

    Good to know, Lee! I'm always looking for good drinks too. Another that sounds amazing is this blood orange margarita reviewed by the Statesman's Mike Sutter!

  • http://www.heyelise.com/ Elise

    Blackberrry mojito at Maudie's is light, refreshing and delicious. Only downside is you can't tell you're drinking alcohol, so things can spiral out of control faster than you expect.

  • austinmamadrama

    Love the ginger infused vodka at the Clay Pit. Add a bit of Prosecco for bubbly ginger fun.

  • malarkey

    Had a lovely Corpse Reviver II at Annie's downtown this past week. ;-)

  • malarkey

    Had a lovely Corpse Reviver II at Annie's downtown this past week. ;-)

  • Trey215

    The Good Knight has the best old school daquiri

  • Trey215

    The Good Knight has the best old school daquiri

  • Trey215

    The Good Knight has the best old school daquiri 

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