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Tasty Tuesdays: Austin’s Best Cupcake

18 August 2009 13,364 views 8 Comments

I was honored to be a judge a couple weeks ago in Jennie Chen’s Cupcake Smackdown at One 2 One bar in downtown Austin and have been meaning to write about the event since then. Below is a cute photo taken by a Statesman A-List photographer of Devrah Otten, winner of the tasting competition portion of That Takes The Cake in 2008 and 2009, me, Jennie, and Natanya Anderson, Fete and Feast blogger and Next Food Network Star hopeful.

judgesI’m not going to get into the results here but some of the entrants included Walton’s, Sugar Mama’s, Hey Cupcake, Polka Dots Bakery, Delish, and Cupprimo.

Adam and I were most excited about the canine eating contest. There were about 15 dogs that were entered to see who could gobble down 3 “pupcakes” from Grand Dog Bakery the fastest. We thought that Lucy was a shoe-in but she ended up in 5th place with a time of 26 seconds. The winner was a yellow lab named Logan that downed 3 pupcakes in only 11 seconds.

You can check out a video of Lucy eating with gusto while keeping her propriety intact here.

I was excited to meet a woman named Sunshine, with an ankle cupcake tattoo from Skingravers on E. 6th. Her favorite cupcake at the smackdown was the key lime margarita from Cupprimo. Click on the cupcake tattoo picture below to view a slide show from the Smackdown:

cupcake tattooSince today is Tasty Tuesday and our office ordered our monthly cupcakes today, I thought I would poll you guys and find out what your favorite place is in town to get cupcakes. Also, feel free to weigh in with your favorite flavor of cupcake, favorite cupcake memory, or why you just hate cupcakes and can’t wait for this silly trend to be over with!

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  • Kay

    I absolutely love the french toast cupcake from Cowgirl Cupcakes. It's topped with bacon. Bacon!! And from Sugar Mama's my heart belongs to the Marilyn Monroe. Not fond of Hey Cupcake…too dry of cake.

  • lovejojo

    My favorite cupcake memory is on the About page of my blog and my favorite cupcake in Austin is anything at Sugar Mamas!!! I did like the Michael Jackson with whipped cream injection at Hey Cupcake for awhile but I got totally burned out. I like their vanilla with chocolate icing—shoot, is that called The Standard?

  • LPT

    For me, it's the chocolate raspberry from Cupprimo. Although… the Margarita runs a close second. Oh, wait, no – the Italian Creamcake. Too many yummies to choose!

    They're located right next to my neighborhood pharmacy, so there's always an excuse to stop in to try the latest flavor when picking up prescriptions. :-)

  • Linda

    hey jodi,
    this sounds like it was alot of fun…i *heart* cupcakes…
    just made super sweet ones with coca cola as ingredient…& i added dark chocolate chips!

    btw: mom & i emailed about a girls foodie trip to austin!!! we will have to chat about it! xoxo

  • Jodi

    That sounds like an interesting cupcake, Linda. I love dark chocolate chips too!

    Seeing you in Austin would be really fun! Hope all is well with you and Larry :-)

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