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A New and Improved Tasty Touring

30 August 2009 5,445 views 26 Comments


After what feels like months of planning, I’m so proud to share the new site with you.

Thank you to Leslie Williams, the graphic designer who turned an idea about a greasy spoon 1950s diner into a whimsical visual for the header. I love the old school theme and playful logo.

Tasty Touring is now powered by WordPress instead of Blogspot, allowing me to share information in a more interactive and user-friendly way.

You can now easily:

  • Subscribe by e-mail or RSS, become a fan on Facebook and follow on Twitter.
  • Browse recommended Austin food-related events.
  • Listen to selected archives of Tasty Touring on KGSR.
  • Discuss in real-time with threaded replies and comments replies.
  • Connect on-the-go — the site is now optimized for the iPhone. Add to your home screen for easy reference.

Tasty Touring includes more social media integration.

It allows you to identify yourself and share your thoughts with friends and followers by clicking on the Facebook and Twitter buttons to sign in before you make your comment.

facebook button

twitter button

You can also click the ShareThis button to share a post by e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and other popular online communities.


Click the green tweet button and it will open a Twitter and offer suggested text that you can edit. Click on the number to the left of the tweet button to see who else has retweeted and read what they wrote.


Sign up for a Disqus profile to easily track and manage your comments across the web. This service allows you to connect your Facebook and Twitter identities under a single account. You can also click “like” after a specific comment if you have a Disqus profile.


Looking for something specific? Search by keyword in the navigation bar. You can also browse categories including restaurants, profiles, tasty tuesdays, tours, media, tasty bits, guest bloggers, recipes, travels, and memories.

Adam, my creative and brilliant boyfriend, developed, designed, and tested every detail to make Tasty Touring better than I could have dreamed. He is the yang to my yin and I am so grateful to have him in my life. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes in the wild world of online design and I have gained a deep appreciation for the efforts of the techies and designers who make the web fun and friendly for the rest of us.

Last but not least, this blog wouldn’t exist without you — my friends and family. Thank you for reading, sharing, and tasty touring with me through the years. It has been a pleasure to discover dishes, restaurants, events, local food and more.

Please share your comments, suggestions, and any constructive criticism as you explore the site. Your feedback is truly welcomed and appreciated.

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  • http://Marcos.Kirsch.com.mx/ Marcos

    It looks great! Congratulations. Maybe you'll give me some tips later.

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  • jodibart

    Thanks, Marcos! Adam is the mastermind behind the new look and feel. He can tell you all about the different plug-ins he put on here to make it super cool. I'm excited to now have a page for links and your blog is on there!

  • http://twitter.com/joshkerr Joshua Kerr

    I LOVE the new site. Great work!

  • jodibart

    Thanks so much, Josh! How do you like Disqus? I'm still figuring out what parts of the technology and integration I like.

  • FoodieIsTheNewForty

    Wow, I LOVE the new site! It's beautiful, and very user-friendly. Congrats! Missed you yesterday at the potluck.

  • cakeaustin

    Great redesign, Jodi! Before my time with SFC, Leslie was our designer, I believe.

  • http://twitter.com/sadogre Shannon McCormick

    Hey Jodi, looks great! Like the social media integration as well, although the Facebook Connect seems a little broken, so here I am via Twitter.

  • jodibart

    We were sad we couldn't make it as well. We just couldn't turn down the invite for a day trip to spend the day on the water in New Braunfels and couldn't make it up to NW Austin in time.

  • jodibart

    I see that it is broken. Thanks for letting me know, Shannon. We'll look into it. I'm flattered that you read my blog sometimes! Hope your kids are doing great. What was the ROI of the lemonade stand?

  • http://www.TheAside.com KP

    Love it – congrats to both yin and yang.

  • ApronAdventures

    This is fantastic and so professional- I love the evolution of Tasty Touring :) Keep up the great work Jodi!

  • http://twitter.com/sadogre Shannon McCormick

    We did it twice this summer, and overall he cleared a little bit of money. The day you came out was something of a bust. You know it's a hard summer when it's too hot for lemonade–no one out and about.

  • http://yearofthepizza.com/ Seth Mazow

    Looks awesome, very professional!

  • http://twitter.com/marcwmatthews Marc Matthews

    Very clean and intuitive Jodi! Like it a lot!

  • http://twitter.com/JDewps Jessica Dupuy

    Like the new design. Nice job!

  • jodibart

    You know Apron Adventures was the inspiration!

  • jodibart

    Thanks so much for all of your kind words, guys.

  • http://pennydelossantos.wordpress.com/ penny

    this looks so good! Congrats…it feels like the place to come to get news and current event stuff.
    Good job Jodi

  • http://www.cookinginsidethelines.blogspot.com/ Emily

    Looks AMAZING Jodi. Congrats to you and your team on a job well done!

  • EvanLA

    Jodi, Congrats on your new and improved site. I agree that Adam is brilliant. I continue to enjoy your brilliance as well. Evan

  • http://www.cookerycontent.wordpress.com/ Mary Ann Ebner

    Jodi – Welcome home! This is you – sharing spirit and life with a clear voice. — Mary Ann

  • jodibart

    Thanks guys! Mary Ann — we missed you at book club last night!

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