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Best Cold, Sweet Treats on KGSR

6 August 2009 1,570 views No Comment

This week on Tasty Tuesdays, you all shared your favorite Austin cold sweet treats. Mine include Teo for gelato, Mambo Berry for frozen yogurt, and Blue Bell Mint Chocolate Chip bars.

We talked about this on the show today, along with the new trend of frozen yogurt sweeping the nation. Andy likes the frozen yogurt place in the Triangle and I think it’s horrible — the ingredients are all chemicals and all of the sorority girl types go there because it’s mostly “fat free” and then they serve themselves in a huge tub and pour toppings all over it. It’s just a total turnoff.

Another pretty good treat is the cold drinking chocolate that they serve at Holy Cacao — it rivals Alamo Drafthouse for the title of my favorite cold drink to enjoy.