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Tony Villani and Little Deli Pizza on KGSR

16 July 2009 1,821 views No Comment

My mind was blown this morning. Last week, Andy told me and Bryan that we were going to try the BEST pizza in Austin. And that it was from Little Deli. Now I’m embarrassed to say that I had never eaten at Little Deli before, even though they are one of Austin’s highest rated restaurants on Yelp due to their amazing sandwiches.

Tony took over this Crestview neighborhood lunch spot 3 years ago and has worked hard to keep the quality high and the feel personal. He added pizza about three months ago and started opening up at night. The pizza is really amazing.  If it’s not the best, it is among the best and is true NJ/NY style with thin crust, huge slices, and wonderful flavors. Check out the audio here:

Tony shows off the rollitini, my favorite slice of the day, in the KGSR studio.

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