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Tasty Tuesdays: Best Sushi in Austin

7 July 2009 2,935 views 8 Comments

I’m a sucker for new food trailers and after hearing about Sushi-A-Go-Go on Twitter last week, I had to check it out. I drove from my office up to Manor Road where this new trailer was parked after being enticed by their daily Twitter special of $1 edamame and fresh tuna and yellowtail roll for $5.50. This spot is cash-only and I had $8 so I rounded out my purchase with a $0.50 house made Go-Go-Sauce and left the rest for tip.

pics2gothru 045Kayo Asazu is the owner of Sushi-A-Go-Go and she has a catering, lunch delivery and sushi class business with her husband, called Deli Bento. Deli Bento has a booth at the Sunset Valley Farmers market on Saturday’s so you might have seen ‘em there.

After my first experience visiting Sushi-A-G0-Go, the only thing I don’t like is the cash-only policy. What I love:

  • sushiThe location: On Manor Road in Central Austin in the parking lot of my favorite cheap gas station.
  • The freshness: The fish was wonderful and very fresh and was made to order while I waited. This was no pre-made, dry, refrigerated sushi like you might pick up at a gourmet grocery store.
  • The prices: A bit lower than you see at most sushi restaurants which makes sense since they don’t have much overhead.
  • The flavor: My roll was simple — two types of fish with perfectly seasoned sushi rice. The edamame hit the spot as I squeezed the pods into my mouth while driving even though it wasn’t perfectly cooked. The Go-Go-Sauce was spicy and creamy and wonderful with the roll — I split time dipping in between that and the soy, ginger, and wasabi mixture that came as part of the meal.
  • saucesThe service: Kayo allowed me to try each of her homemade sauces to decide which one I wanted and made me feel like she appreciated my business.

I will definitely go back to Sushi-A-Go-Go — they are open Mon-Fri from 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. and Saturday from 4 p.m. – 8 p.m. It would be a perfect spot to pick up dinner on the way home or to grab some rolls before or after happy hour at the nearby Red House.

For some Tasty Tuesday sharing, I’d love to know what is your favorite sushi in Austin? I had the freshest yellowtail the other day at Kenichi and I’m always a fan of Uchi and Musashino. I’ve been interested in trying the happy hour specials at Imperia and have been known to pick up brown rice sushi with spicy tuna at Whole Foods for a quick bite. Tomo in North Austin is my pick for best sushi in the ‘burbs. Looking forward to your feedback also!

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  • Claire

    Sushi Nini in Round Rock is flippin' awesome. Their Blue Moonlight and Red Devil rolls are my favorite. And their Albacore nigiri – mmm.

    They've got happy hour AND reverse happy hour 4-7pm, 8:30-close – several dollars off most of their rolls ($2-3 off) and $2 beer, sake, and wells. I'd say it's probably worth the drive. It Definitely is for us, since we're in Pflugerville.

  • bud the pieman!!!

    jodi….u do such a grood job….always a pleasure to read your posts!
    bless, bud the pieman!!!

  • huebscher

    um. ok. so, it's reassuring knowing it's the deli bento folks. otherwise I was very skeptical of generic-gas-station-parking-lot sushi in a land-locked town (even with their adorably painted trailer).

    I've had deli bento from the sv farmer's market, and it's really, really good!

    as for the local bests, musashino wins for authentic, uchi's wonderful haute-style sushi, and I've been known to have the tuna sashimi bowl at whole foods and the spicy tuna at zen.

  • Optimista

    Thanks so much for posting this! Like huebscher, I was a little skeptical of the whole parking-lot sushi thing…particularly in this heat.

    My fave is Musashino, hands-down, although I haven't been to Tomo, yet, and hear great things. I think the Imperia sushi is pretty darn good at their happy hour prices, and I LOVE their happy hour $5 pearltinis with my sushi!

  • LRB

    Shogun in SW Austin. Yummy!!

  • Holy Cacao via Twitter

    we love sitting at the bar with John at Kenobi. Worth the trip north! We love sashimi. YUM.

  • SushiTail

    That is a cool sushi jonit?

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