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We Ate, We Ate, We Biked. We Ate More.

24 June 2009 5,751 views 2 Comments

The Tasty Touring South Austin Food Trailer Tour was over a week ago and Adam’s dad Lenny has been clamoring (or so I’m told) for a recap on the blog.

This is for you, Lenny.

Like the East Austin Taco Tour the month before, the weather played a large role. Instead of torrential rains, it was hot, Africa hot, that morning. Normally, I like the comfort of my car and it’s lovely air conditioning during the summer months in Austin. As tour planner, I felt it was only fair that I brave the heat on my bike.

adam chicago dogWe met at Chris’ Little Chicago at 11 a.m. I hadn’t eaten breakfast and was hungry. Adam and I split a Chicago dog with sport peppers and pickles. To me, it was prettier than it tasted but I’m no hot dog connoisseur. When I was a student at the University of Michigan, I would buy hot dogs with grilled onions and deli mustard in between classes and those hit the spot on a cold day. Others in the group that know Chicago dogs said that this was the real deal. Next time, I’ll go with my old standby toppings.

Most of the folks at Chris’ had driven but some people showed up completely dripping with sweat from the ride over. Lamar slants uphill from north to south so those of us starting the ride at Chris’ were lucky. We cruised on over to the Taste No Evil Muffin Company bus outside of Maria’s TacoXpress.

@TNEMC (as they are known on Twitter) set up a sweet special and sign just for our group! Check it out below:

special offer
The trailer tour special muffins were about half the size and price of their regulars. A group of us split the blueberry buttermilk bliss, blackberry peach, and chocolate sinsation. They were all delicious but the blueberry and chocolate were my favorite. Jessica ordered a cinnamon apple that was so delicious and creamy — I think it was a daily special as well. Adam and I shared an iced yerba mate to cool us down.

Next we cruised over to Lulu B’s for wonderful Banh Mi sandwiches, summer rolls, and bubble tea. Lulu B’s has great food — I highly recommend it when they are open — but the best thing that day was the shade offered by the huge Oak overhead.

group at lulubsWe relaxed and caught up with friends and watched the Soup Peddler‘s toddler daughter Mia modeling a large pair of sunglasses. I couldn’t resist taking this photo of Rasheel taking a pic of his banh mi:

At that point, the thirty or so of us on the tour split up — some to the trailers on South First and the rest to South Congress. Adam, me, Mike and Rasheel biked to Congress via Mary Street. It was extremely hot by this time — smack in the middle of the day — and I was having a hard time keeping up my end of the conversation with the guys because I was so winded.

We hadn’t been riding for long at all but I felt totally out of shape. The hardest hill was from the light at Mary and S. 1st up to Congress and by the time we got to the top, I was feeling faint. While waiting for a light to change, I ended up gently dropping my bike and lowering myself down to the ground — I saw spots and almost blacked out but was able to stay conscious thanks to Adam’s nursing and help getting ice water from Texas French Bread and pouring it over my head.

We sat outside of Texas French Bread for about 15 minutes (thank you to the stranger who asked if we needed a ride somewhere), and then walked our bikes over to the Mighty Cone where the rest of our crew was waiting.

armadillo ladyI couldn’t even think about fried food at that point and all I wanted was more cool liquids to drink so we walked over to the Armadillo Coffee and Tea Company. The owner was very nice (see her and Adam above) and gave us samples of her lovely iced teas with different fruit flavoring. We ended up sharing mango iced tea and it was wonderful.

Our plan for the end of the tour changed due to the extreme heat and the near fainting. No one wanted to go to Barton Springs. Most folks planned on going straight home, showering, and taking naps. Jessica drove me back to my car at Chris’ and I drove over to S. Congress to get Adam and load the bikes.

We stopped off at Whole Foods for their ice cream social (free fruit bars, tiny ice cream sundaes, etc.) and went home for showers and naps. And air conditioning!

sundaeFeel free to check out the below blogs/photo streams from folks who joined us on the tour:

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  • Optimista

    I, too, went to U of MI, and the Chicago dogs at Red Hot Lovers there are much better than the ones at Chris' Little Chicago, IMO. In fact, oddly enough, I recently wrote a blog post about Chris' Little Chicago with a reference to Red Hot Lovers:


  • James

    Brilliant! Can't wait to go on my own trailer tour the next time I'm in Austin. Chicken cone! You are mine!