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Tasty Tuesdays: Best Pizza in Austin

9 June 2009 2,736 views 26 Comments

When I first moved to Austin back in October 2003, I mourned the loss of a good New York City pizza. We had Saccones, but it was way up north and I was a south of the river girl back then. It felt like I had two choices for every meal I ate: Tex Mex or BBQ.

jodirachelpizzaAustin has changed in the past five years and the dining scene has become more varied and interesting. While we have lost some wonderful spots like Las Manitas and Texicali Grille, we have gained a lot more choice for pizza.

A couple years ago, there were enough spots to try that I co-hosted a pizza tasting party (see photo above) where folks picked up pies we set them up for blind tastings.

salvationAs mentioned in a recent post about Giovanni Pizza Stand, Austin now provides lots of decent to delicious options for a crispy, cheesy, topping filled treat. My favorites include Homeslice and Giovanni in South Austin, Salvation in Central Austin, Saccones in North Austin, and Cipollina in Clarksville.

Who do you think makes the best pizza in town and why? What are your favorite toppings? Best pizza memory?

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  • Anonymous

    I miss Olive's Gourmet Pizza.

  • April Riggs

    My most favorite pizza in town is Home Slice: basil, artichoke hearts, ricotta, w/meatball. OHMYGOD-so freakin tasty!
    South Side Flying Pies also makes a tasty-ass pizza. Try them when the wait @ Home Slice is insane (or on Tuesday's when Home Slice is closed) & you'll be very pleasantly surprised.

    I have yet to have tried Giovanni but it's on the list to do this summer.

  • mattbucher

    My two favorites (in terms of quality of food) are Homeslice and East Side Pies (which you can also get at Epoch Coffee).

  • lisaiscooking

    I've loved Brick Oven for years and have just recently become a fan of Reale's. Mandola's isn't bad either.

  • joel

    Olive's had a great roasted garlic pizza.

    I also miss Sardi's.

    Salvation has my fav NY style (asparagus, bacon, jalapeno). Mangia for thick crust.

  • LRB

    Mangeri's is the best we've found. Coming from CHI, we are pizza snobs!

  • rebeccammendations

    Salvation..hands down! The crust has the perfect crunch, and the flavor of the sauce is just the best combination! I rarely eat pizza, so when I do, it has to be good, and Salvation had me at my first bite!

  • PookieSoup

    I don't have a favorite yet. Going to try Giovanni's though!

  • Christian Steven

    Brooklyn Pie Co. on Mesa: dough and sauce from scratch, and a good thin crust, like God intended, and huge slices for lunch. Best pie in town.

  • Marcos

    I know you hate Mandola but their pizza is really good. I like the website for online ordering Papa John's too. When watching a soccer game that is enough to make me decide to order from them.

  • Comments from my Tweeps

    Big fan of Salvation and Cipollina pizza

    East Side Pies (Girther with Bacon) or Home Slice (Margherita). Love HS's salads

    Asti's White Pizza with Truffle Oil. Mozzarella, Fontina & Provolone Cheeses with Fried Sage Leaves. And Prosciutto!

    my motto is "I break for Eastside Pies" – it's the only pizza i break my vegan vows for – a girl can't help it

    I'm looking for good chicago-style tho i suspect it's not here. what i really want is Detroit-style but i know that's not here

    east side pies yo!

  • Betsy

    While Austin pizza will never match the slices you’re served in NY or Chicago (Giardano’s deep dish is hands down the best pizza on the planet), Homeslice and Giovanni’s are tasty nonetheless. If I had to choose between the two, Giovanni’s would get my vote because the service is always friendly, the pizza is always fresh and you can taste the love they put into all of their food.

  • Comments from Facebook friends

    Home Slice.

    Seconding Home Slice – esp. their mushroom pepperoni. Mangia's deep dish pizza is also good. And we like Conan's for delivery.

    I still believe in Niki's in the Dobie Mall.

  • Laura

    I'm a fan of South Side Flying Pizza myself, even though we rarely get there anymore since we moved north. Fresh spinach, tomato and red onions for me please…yum!

  • Julia

    Awesome: Home Slice, Saccone's, Domenick's Pizzeria (Cedar Park), Niki's (in Dobie but that was back when I lived at Dobie so who knows if that is still good but heard there's a second location somewhere)

    Surprised that it was good: Brooklyn Heights (Avery Ranch)

  • Pizza Faves from Tweets

    have to vote for Homeslice as my fav pizza!

    Homeslice is my current fave, but after Mike Sutter's review of House Pizzeria I may have to rethink (or rather, retaste)

    have not tried house pizzeria yet but here great things. i'm a north-sider & my fav pizza is saccones.

  • double tonic

    Reale's is my favorite but it's so far north I never go anymore.

    Down south/central, East Side and Homeslice and Cippolina.

    But I think the best-kept pizza secret in town is Hog Island Deli. You can get it at the Lavaca Street Bar. Their plain cheese is AMAZING, and they have a damn good red pepper-sausage. However, I just had their margherita yesterday and was completely unimpressed. Ick. So I guess it's hit or miss — but when they hit it, it's fantastic.

  • Lisa

    My kitchen.

  • Michelle

    Thick crust: Mangia
    An old time fav. I call ahead so they get it started before I arrive b/c I don't have the patience to wait 30 minutes

    Crispy: Primizie
    Super fresh toppings. I love love love the chicken, pancetta, avocado pizza over there.

    All Around: East Side Pies
    The Guiche pizza makes me happy.

  • Sherry

    Asti white w/ truffle oil. Cipollina various. Red House Pizzeria artichoke.

  • kdub512

    I'm a big fan of eastside pies.

  • zenshine

    hate to spoil the secret, but house pizzeria on airport has a pretty fantastic neapolitan-style pizza. it's quickly becoming my new favorite in town…along with their homemade lemon-rosemary italian soda, too.

  • ocdme

    I am SHOCKED and APPALLED that no one has mentioned Frank & Angie's yet! That place is SO GOOD – a true gem in my book. Great, now my mouth is watering and I'm 3 hours away from F&A's. Effing A.

  • Christian

    @double tonic: YESS! hog island deli cheese slice is ridiculously plain awesome! Had it more than a few times just to see it wasn't a fluke, but always hits the spot. It's one of my recent faves, although admittedly pricey. Also try the quatro formaggi on the few times they have it.

    My other recent faves…

    House Pizzeria: "Blue" + sausage. Neapolitan goodness, fantastic crust.

    Hoboken Pie Co: Pepperoni slice. Lunch-time, not after-bar sobering up.

  • Seth

    Homeslice, clearly.

    Not only is their pizza full of love and deliciousness, but their music/vibe/waitstaff completely rule. Their personality comes through in everything they do, from offering rice krispie treats for dessert to offering the winner of the "hands on an eggplant sub" contest a year of free pizza.

    best pizza, best attitude, best service, best beer (lone star and live oak seasonal on tap!). Homeslice by a mile.

  • mike

    Mr. Jim's Pizza on Anderson Mill Road