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Tasty Tuesdays (2 Days Late): Best Breakfast Tacos

25 June 2009 3,395 views 24 Comments

If you listened in to 107.1 KGSR this morning, you know we are going to be talking breakfast tacos next week on the show. We want to know: What is your favorite breakfast taco in Austin? What do you think is the most overrated? What is the best kept secret? Do you have an awesome neighborhood taco truck that you think deserves some props? Feel free to also dissect tacos for quality tortilla, eggs, and other fillings.

bfast tacosI’m going to have to think about this one so I’ll post my faves in the comments section below. If you need further inspiration/guidance, check out these Austin-based taco loving blogs:

Taco Journalism
Show Me Your Taco Video Blog
Taco Town

We’ll talk tacos on the show NEXT Thursday at 8:30 a.m. CT so be sure to comment with your favorites so we can be sure to give ‘em a shout out!

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  • Brad Mays

    Every time we come to Austin we hit the little taco stand in the middle of the parking lot at the corner of Burnet and Rundberg – El Tacorrido. They have a creamy green sauce that rocks. And, the tacos are always full. I get the chorizo and egg. M-M-Good. (Cash only.)

  • Julia

    love Torchy's, but if we're down near campus, I like the Taco Shack even if it is greasy.

  • jarod

    Here are my current faves:
    -Authentic/Taqueria Style – Porfirio's – Bean, Bacon & Egg (Best Beans in ATX)
    -Tacos made in-house that serve Iced Coffee – Cherrywood CoffeeHouse – Potato, Egg & Cheese ( Just must get the Potatoes! Crispy stringy goodness)
    -Tacos made off-site that serve Iced Coffee – Emerald City Press or Bennu -Torchy's Tacos – Make sure and get the Dona salsa!
    -Breakfast Burrito – La Cocina De Consuelo – Machacado, Egg & Bean

  • Joel

    Torchy's Monk (green chiles, bacon, egg and cheese) is best all round, always filled fat and great hot sauce to top.

    Taco Shack has good bacon and hot sauce but weak tortillas.

  • lisaiscooking

    So much to consider here. I'll stick to the BT's available in my hood. Cocina de Consuelo offers nice, large BT's that spend a minute on the griddle after being formed (I think). Red and green salsas are both good, and I always ask for extra. Those little plastic cups are too small!
    At Pacha, they have quick, grab and go BT's from Elsi's, and I quite like the bean egg and cheese. But, if you order Pacha's BT's made in-house, you can get a whole wheat tortilla, and the eggs are more fried than scrambled. Love the egg spinach tomato cheese.
    Taco Shack is alright on a Saturday when Cocina de Consuelo is closed, but on Sunday the open/closed situation is reversed and Cocina is better anyway.
    Not in my hood, but I'm also a fan of the soy-chorizo filling in BT's at Whole Foods. The wait for those is interminable though.

  • ivette

    Vazquez #? on 183 and burnet makess awesome b-fast tacos. I dont like beans in tortillas, but everyone craves their bacon and bean tacos. I love that they serve chicharrĂ³n tacos. Yum.

    Enchiladas y Mas are still some of my faves.

    They close early on Sat, 'round 3, and are close Sundays, FYI.

  • ivette

    Most overrated is the Taco Shack bfast tacos. I think the burnet burrito is ok. I think their salsas are super weak, too.

    I'm also not a big fan of that Juan in a Million super taco – something about potatoes in flour tortilas, stach overload?

    Also, good barbacoa tacos are hard to find. Enchiladas y Mas (mentioned above) gets is pretty decently.

    Ok, promise I'm finished commenting!

  • chappy

    at the risk of flooding a small rather unknown joint, Pie Slice (s. lamar next to horshoe lounge) serves some cheap and amazing breakfast tacos.. they make their own tortilla and it is outstanding – delicate and thin, fresh as the summer breeze.

    maria's chorizo egg tacos are a staple for 'morning afters'..

    and for you suburbanites – ZuZu's breakfast tacos will surprise you.. way better than the rest of their menu.. try the refried black beans and bacon with some guacamole.

  • Mike K

    I too think Taco Shack is way over rated. Come on, they don't even make them fresh (unless you consider grabbing old food out of a bin and wrapping them up "fresh made". Strangly enough the tacos from Triumph Cafe on Spicewood springs are always made fresh and extremely good.

  • (F)redddy

    Torchy's "Monk" IS a fantastic taco. I had forgotten about that one until I saw it mentioned above.

    I dig the Don Juan at JiaM, but maybe that's cuz I'm a fatty and I don't care about the potato/tortilla starch overload.

  • Taco Man

    There are three breakfast tacos I would recommend in this beautful city.

    I LOVE the Migas Taco at Ciscos. BIG, CHEESY, AND EGGY.

    The Torchy's Ranch Hand is good. Basically a steak and egg taco. However, their service can be slow and the tacos are a little on the expensive side considering the size. BUT TASTY.

    AND ….going off the deep end here..I'll start off by saying I grew up in Oak Hill and the Jim's Chorizo and Egg breakfast taco always hit the spot on those late weekend nights. If you haven't been to the Jim's in Oak Hill at 3am in the morning then you need to put that on your bucket list.


  • Adam Norwood

    I'm all over the place when it comes to breakfast tacos: I don't think there's one best source, and it depends on what you're looking for on a given morning. My favorites that haven't been mentioned above already:

    * Mi Madres – a bit pricey and sometimes overly greasy these days, but a great place to run into friends on a lazy Saturday morning

    * LavaJava – their salsas are good n' spicy, the ingredients tend to be peppery, and the tacos go great with coffee

    * Angie's – not sure if it counts for this list, but their machacado plate can be easily made into taco form, easily one of my favorite artery-clogging Mexican breakfasts in town

    * Joe's Bakery – I'm pretty sure that I've enjoyed Joe's breakfast tacos, but usually I get a different breakfast plate. I'd tell you what it is, but their website seems to be a bit broken at the moment…

    Juan in a Million, El Chilito (used to be better?), Torchy's (can I count the Dirty Sanchez as a breakfast taco?), and Maria's Taco XPress round out my list of favorites.

    I really need to get over to the Tamale House, too, considering that I'm within walking distance. Anyone have an opinion on their tacos?

  • El Mundo De Mando

    The fave is the Machacado taco at Villa Taco Shack on St. Elmo & S. Congress. I also like the bean & egg at Porfirio's – it just melts in your mouth!


  • Anonymous

    El Chile's taco stand on manor

  • Sara Kaye

    For me it's got to be Maria's eggs, potatoes, black beans, and cheese. But you have to get them to go so the cheese can get all melty when you get home. That's the best. Though eating them there is a close second best.

  • Optimista

    TacoDeli's dona sauce elevates everything for me.

    For more traditional tacos, I love the pork leg taco at Taqueria Arandas on N. Burnet, the carnitas at La Michoacana Meat Market #1 on E. 7th Street, and the al pastor at the La Guera taco truck (1905 S Lamar Blvd).

  • Facebook and Twitter

    juanitas on 5th!

    curras- no doubt. red corn tortilla and veggie chorizo.

    I'm sayin' Nueva Onda has perfected the form. Fluffy eggs, thick-cut perfectly cooked bacon, hand-shredded high-quality cheese, great choice of toppings, generous size, perfect salsa, non-greasy/brick-like digestive experience, sweet vibe/service, nice porch. I can't think of anyone else that hits all those marks.

    Tamale House on Airport. And the Ranch Hand (steak and egg) taco at Torchy's is a can't miss

    My hands-down favorite breakfast tacos are from Los Jaliscienses on Ben White

  • lovejojo

    Tacodeli and Juanita's on 5th.

  • Kristi (via Twitter)

    Huge fan of the taco deli migas taco with their hot green sauce. Have it almost every Saturday at the market.

  • dremiel

    Cisco's Migas Taco! I'm stunned to not see it here yet!

    Taco Shack is reliable but less amazing. Their green salsa is better than their red.

  • Anonymous

    I to like Taco Deli and the Carne Guisada at Mi Madres is real good. I am not a real big fan of Taco Shack either, but do you really need to go on the radio and tell everyone that you don't like the place??? Seems kind of rude.

  • Anonymous

    As a fan of ANY kind of decent food, I have ALWAYS been at a loss as to why ANYONE would think the food at Tamale House on Airport is even slightly good. The only thing it really has going for it is the prices, to say the breakfast tacos or anything on the menu is even average is a stretch IMO.

  • Anonymous

    Taco Deli on N. Burnet. They have a south location also. Great variety of fresh salsas. The tacos are made fresh to order from what taste like premium fresh ingredients.

  • Jodi

    Thanks for the comments and for sharing your favorites, everyone! Top vote getters were Torchy's, Maria's Taco XPress, Taco Deli, and Taco Shack.

    Other Recs: El Chilito, La Tapatia, Enchiladas y Mas, Mi Madres, Tamale House, Nueva Onda, and Pie Slice.

    We had a great time with the KGSR folks and Mando, the taco journalist. I'll post the video of Mando taking salsa shots and some pics from this morning a little later!