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Taco-ing Up a Storm

16 May 2009 2,590 views 4 Comments

It didn’t occur to me to check the weather this morning. If I had, I’m told I would have known that it would be pouring for most of the day. Thankfully, I’m not the only one that puts their faith in the mostly sunny days of Austin. When Adam and I unloaded our bikes, pumped up the tires, and arrived at Porfirio’s Tacos in East Austin this morning at 11, there were at least 30 people already there — eating, hanging out, and ready to tour!

Adam adds green salsa to a bean and egg taco at Porfirios:

5Mando, “El Rey de Tacos,” started off the day by taking a shot of Porfirio’s wonderful homemade salsa, we all ate some tacos and then Mando led the group to bike out to Taqueria Piedras Negras, stop #2.

The first group waits for made-to-order tacos at Taqueria Piedras Negras. Mando captured this magical moment on his camera and shared it via Twitpic:

stop2I stayed back to lead the slower stragglers. And then, the rain came. The sky opened up and it was raining buckets. Protected from the rain inside Porfirios, I checked Twitter and glumly noted that the Statesman reported it was going to be raining hard until 2 p.m. Mando tweeted from Piedras Negras, “it’s raining tacos!

Some of the taco tourers that got caught in the rain and drank beers and ate “surprisingly good tacos’ in this convenience store:

beerandtacosThat same group ventured out in the rain again, only to duck into a laundromat to try to dry off. Sarah — did sitting inside of a dryer work for you?

Most of the stragglers (myself included), loaded our bikes back in the car and headed to meet the bikers at Marcelino Pan y Vino where we met up with six of the original bikers who had made the trip. A plate of tacos wait to be eaten. Favorites include the pork in green sauce, potatoes, migas, and incredible bacon and egg:

9At Mi Madres, the fourth and final stop, about 25 of us got a big table in the back room. We ate tacos, chips, cafe de olla (coffee brewed with cinnamon and sugar), churros con cajeta, sopapillas with honey. Big respect goes to Curtis and Mike — the only two that actually biked the entire tour!

grouppicStay tuned to Taco Journalism and Tasty Touring for another taco tour this summer — likely in South Austin. Please feel free to share your own experiences from the taco tour and/or tell us why you are glad/sad you didn’t join us today. Would also love recommendations for great taco eats in Austin anytime!

For more pics, click on the slideshow on http://www.tastytouring.com.

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  • Jennifer P

    I had convinced two out of town friends that the past several mornings had been gray and then cleared up – and didn’t even think to check the forecast. We biked south on Chicon from our house to Don Porfirios’ but arrived as everyone was heading to the next stop and just before the rain.

    We decided to head home for the time being but will definitely do the tour another weekend on our own. We biked through the downpour and ended up enjoying the ride anyways! It will be great the check out the places you selected which are new to us.

    We fulfilled our taco cravings after drying off at home and by headed down the street for egg, cheese and nopal tacos at Los Altos (Edgewood and I-35), one of my regular spots with killer breakfast tacos. Looking forward to the next tour in South Austin!

  • Mike Manning

    Thanks for organizing the tour! I had a blast. Slogging through the downpour made the day more of an adventure, for sure. :) But I’m glad I stuck it out; the migas tacos at Mi Madres were worth it!

    Here are my Taco Tour photos.

    Looking forward to future Tasty Tours,

  • Jodi

    Thanks for sharing Jenn and Mike! Love your pics, Mike. You and Curtis are my heroes. Looking forward to seeing you on the next one.

  • double tonic

    Your tour inspired me to buy a bike :) I’m glad I got to join you for the last leg of the trip, but next time I’m riding alongside you all!

    I look forward to another tasty, drier tour soon!