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Rock and Rockstar Bagels at KGSR

28 May 2009 2,233 views 4 Comments

Had a great time with Bryan and Andy this morning on KGSR’s Late Show. Joe Humel of Rockstar Bagels stopped by, bringing a bunch of samples for to keep our jaws busy when we weren’t chatting.

dudesThey are available daily at Quacks, Cafe Mundi, Summer Moon, Garden District, Little City, Mozarts, Pacha, Spiderhouse, Blue Dahlia, Cherrywood, Wheatsville Co-Op, Royal Blue Grocery, Clementine, Thunderbird, and Treat in the South Austin Trailer Park & Eatery from Thursday through Sunday.

If you’re up for an adventure, you can e-mail Joe to pick up a dozen or so bagels at his kitchen. Details on his MySpace page.

Try Rockstar Bagels for yourself and let me know what you think!

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  • Dan

    Oh yeah! We brought these into Wheatsville last week and they have been a HUGE hit.

  • Boots in the Oven

    OM freaking G, having a carb attack! We’ll definitely have to give these a try.


  • double tonic

    I’m sitting at Little City on Congress enjoying a Rockstar bagel and cream cheese. Their whole wheat is awesome! Thanks for the back story on these.

  • Jeff S.

    Tried my first and second last night (purchased at Wheatsville on my way home). Had my third, fourth, and fifth this afternoon, after a special trip to Wheatsville for this specific purpose.

    MUCH better than I expected. Great taste, great, chewy crust, appropriate circumference. A *little* bit puffier and softer on the inside than my ideal bagel, but still, a very good bagel. Certainly the best in Austin, better than 95% of what passes for bagels in NYC.

    Thanks for the tip.

    Already day-dreaming about my sixth, seventh and eighth…