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Flavor Tripping with Miracle Berries on KGSR

1 May 2009 1,780 views No Comment

andy1A couple weeks ago, I received a direct message on Twitter from Andy Langer, an acquaintance through my good friend Sara B. He asked if I would join him and Bryan Beck on the morning show to talk about food.

I didn’t hesitate before saying yes.

Earlier this week, Adam and I hosted a miracle berry flavor tripping party. It ended up that there were two extra berries so I asked Andy if I could bring them on the air. He was totally into it.

andymiraclefruitAdam woke up early and we filled up a cooler with lemons, tart apples, goat cheese, vinegar, grapefruit, and rhubarb.

As you may know, miracle berries are natural fruit that confuse your taste buds and cause sour or bitter foods to taste sweet and delicious.

Bryan and Andy loved it and we had such a great time watching them taste the new flavors and describe what they were experiencing on the air. Here’s some audio if you missed it:

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