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Edible Austin: Summer 2009!

27 May 2009 2,802 views 3 Comments

I’m super excited about the Summer 2009 issue of edible AUSTIN, available at the downtown and Sunset Valleys farmer’s markets on Saturday! Associate Publisher (and Austin food event regular) Jenna Noel tells me that they will deliver this free quarterly magazine around town at these locations starting Monday.


The issue will include Joe from Rockstar Bagels, who is joining us on the KGSR late show tomorrow morning at 8:30 a.m. From the table of contents, it looks like there will be articles about chefs and romance, gardening, local sweeteners, tea time, preserves, goat’s milk popsicles, the future of Texas wine, a farmer’s diary from Wateroak Farms, summer tarts, herbs, and many more.

I can’t wait to curl up with a cup of tea, a fresh piece of farmer’s market fruit, and devour the gorgeous photos, rich prose, and interesting articles that each issue of edible AUSTIN includes.

A couple months ago, I met up with David Ansel, the Soup Peddler, to talk about the food blogger scene in Austin for this issue of the magazine. He talked with many of my blogger brethren, including Addie Broyles, Statesman writer and benevolent Queen of the Austin food community, Logan Cooper of Boots in the Oven, Beth Goulart of Texas Locavore, Jam Sanitchat of Thai Fresh, Christian Bowers of Austin Food Journal, and Mando Rayo of Taco Journalism.

We see both David and Jenna at many “food blogger” events and the most wonderful thing about blogging and social media has been connecting with all of these great people at different restaurants and food-related events around town.

Below is a photo that Jenna took of me and Addie chatting at a Whole Foods blogger party during SXSW:

me and addieCheck out “Edible Networks: A Byte of Austin” link to read David’s article on the impact of local food bloggers on the Austin dining scene. I especially enjoyed this quote from Uchi’s Tyson Cole on the relationship between restaurants and bloggers:

You know they’re going to be in your restaurant anyway. At least instead of staring over the fence worrying about the monster, you just go around and shake hands and say hello.

Next time I visit Uchi I’m totally going to sneak up on Tyson in the kitchen and yell “Boo!” Watch your back, Cole.

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  • Laura

    Did Tyson Cole just refer to us as Monsters?

  • Jodi

    Ha ha! Seems like he did but I still think Tyson is a great guy. And, he taught me the meaning of the word unctuous (fatty, oily, smooth).

  • double tonic

    I think Edible Austin is one of our city’s great treasures. My only complaint is that they don’t publish often enough!

    Can’t wait to read the article. No doubt in my mind you’re all having a positive effect on the local dining scene. Us eaters thank you!