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Bright Spots to Lunch in Downtown Austin

31 May 2009 4,672 views 5 Comments

I’ve been traveling a lot for work – eating meals on-the-go that have been generally disappointing. My expectations low, I flew back to Austin and stopped off at Sandra Bullock’s new shop, Walton’s Fancy and Staple at 6th between Rio Grande and Nueces, for a quick lunch before finishing off the day at my office. As I entered the beautiful restored brick building, I breathed in the fresh baked smells, took in the relaxed staff and customers, and my shoulders began to lower. Notice Ms. Bullock below in a Google image search drinking Starbucks — I’m sure she is as happy as I am to have a local option for her daily coffee drink.

The case was filled with gorgeous and mouth-watering pastries including cookies, brownies, croissants, mousses, fancy whoopee pies, and artisan macaroons. I was really hungry and ordered a large ginger cookie right off the bat. It was a little over $1 and was filled with chunks of dried ginger and sprinkled with raw sugar. It was huge but all that was left when I took out my camera were the crumbs on the plate (below).

waltonsFor lunch I went for a Yardbird Panini —sauteed chicken, chevre and basil pesto on delicious grilled homemade bread. I also opted for a root beer as a treat. The sandwich was served with two crunchy pickles and kettle fried chips on the side. It totally hit the spot and was so large I saved half the sandwich for dinner. Total was around $10.

Walton’s is open from 6 a.m. t0 8 p.m. seven days a week. They have a full espresso bar, breakfast pastries, fresh breads, lots of salads, sandwiches, interesting dressings, soups, and desserts that I can’t wait to try. Check out the rendering below to see what Walton’s looks like now after the renovation:

This is a great coffee, breakfast, brunch, or lunch spot and would be great for catering too. I also love the gorgeous flower shop in back and all of the touches that make this building from the 1800s special.

waltons-storefrontIt’s great for us downtown workers to have another option to grab a bite. We may soon have an embarrassment of riches to choose from when Annies opens tomorrow at 3rd and Congress. According to the Statesman, Annie’s will feature breakfast and lunch at first, and then will expand on June 20 to dinner, full bar service, late-night hours, sidewalk seating and a Sunday brunch.

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  • Emily

    This place sounds delicious! When can we go with you?!

  • double tonic

    I've been dying to check this place out! Glad it was a nice experience.

    Speaking of local coffee … :) You should do favorite coffee spots one of these Tuesdays! You won't get me to shut up, though.

  • zenshine

    on my way over to check it out at lunch, I heard that walton's has *closed*!!!

    …something about consolidating operations down the street at bess?

  • everydayfoodie

    I tried Walton's the day that they opened and had the Spicy Bird. I was very happy with it – good flavor combinations and of course fantastic bread. I'd be concerned if they have indeed closed to consolidate operations with Bess in such a short time. I like Bess too, but see them as serving two very different dining needs. Hopefully someone will investigate and find out more about if they closed and if so, when they'll be open again.

  • double tonic

    zen – what?!