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Austin Food Lover’s Tattoos

8 May 2009 6,869 views 6 Comments

I’m so intrigued by beautiful tattoos. My hair stylist Sharon has the most gorgeous sleeve of beautifully colored body art on one of her arms. While spending the evening at Thai Fresh the other night for a wonderful Tipsy Texan drinks and Thai appetizer cooking class, I noticed that a server at the restaurant had these awesome tattoos of produce on her inner forearms.

Madeline Pizzo told me she was a vegan for a long time and while living in Atlanta, got her first tattoo to honor one of her favorite foods, the gorgeous avocado. Next was the head of broccoli — from a tattoo shop on S. Lamar in Austin. I wasn’t able to ask more questions as Thai Fresh was busy that night and Madeline had hungry customers.

veg tattoosI’ll leave you with one of my favorite short posts from last year featuring gorgeous pics of food tattoos from CHOW and The New York Times. Another New York Times piece features the owners and chefs of a Houston restaurant called Feast and their whole pig tattoos.

I’d love to check out other great food tattoos in Austin. Have you seen any?

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  • Rachel

    Sutton at Whole Foods has tons of food tattooed all over his arms. I don’t remember all of the them, but I know he’s got a T-bone, grapes, strawberries, and some other types of produce. I haven’t seen him in the store in a while – he might be working in the culinary center now. Def worth checking out!

  • Adam
  • Anonymous

    @dishola_girl “Cooking ranks with the Navy and the yakuza as one of the great tattooed vocations”… love this: Alice Waters

  • pennydelossantos

    Great little blog and really great idea for a food photo essay…seriously, r u game?

  • Jodi

    A food essay with you?! Um, yes! And I don’t really even know what you mean!! Check out Penny de los Santos’ amazing photography, guys! We are so lucky to have her as part of the Austin food lovers community :-)

  • mom

    Since I am the mother, what can I say? The article was a good one…my little girl is a big girl now. She will make her own decisious as to whether she wants a radish on her tush.