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The Brunch Obsession Continues

22 April 2009 2,152 views 3 Comments

Clearly I’m on a brunch kick. Adam and I met a group of friends old (Ilyse, Jessica) and new (Matt, The Ice Cream Man and James of The Eaten Path) at Enoteca Vespaio for Sunday brunch after SXSW.

prociuttoThere were nine of us and we were attempting to get a table on South Congress Avenue during the busiest time of year. This was my idea and I can’t explain the temporary insanity that made me think this would work. The strategy: leave our name at South Congress Café, Enoteca, and Woodland and hope that one could accommodate us with a reasonable wait.

Luck was on our side that day because Enoteca showed us to our table in ten minutes. Adam and I had our first date at Enoteca last fall for brunch but the food didn’t make as much of an impression on me…probably because he did all the impressing ;-)

This time, I swooned over everything I tried – from the wonderful skim latte that started off my meal to the perfect pressed prosciutto, fontina, arugula & truffled egg panino. Every dish was cooked perfectly and made with love. Check out their brunch menu for yourself here.

paninoIt shouldn’t have surprised me that Enoteca is a favorite local restaurant of David, The Soup Peddler. For his birthday, Adam and I brought over take out that included margherita pizza, pasta Bolognese, suppli – fried risotto balls with cheese , and calamari. This was served with fresh, peppery, arugula from Dave and Meredith’s garden.

IMGA0212For dessert, Meredith prepared a favorite dessert from David’s Baltimore childhood – rainbow cake. According to David, this is a five layer white cake where each layer is dyed a different color of the rainbow and raspberry jam is spread between each. Does anyone else have a memory of rainbow cake from their childhood? David swears that this particular type of rainbow cake is indigenous to the Baltimore Jewish community.

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  • huebscher

    Love me some enoteca, but the gods must’ve smiled on your brunch. Ten minutes for 9 people!?

    Rainbow cake: also in NJ…for obvious reasons.

  • Jodi

    huebscher — turns out it can be easier to get a table for 9 than to get one for 2. Woodland had a table for us too!

    David and Meredith shared a pic of their amazing Baltimore rainbow cake so I have added it to the post above.

  • huebscher

    we experienced that cake…hmmm…about a year ago, at a shabbat dinner RF hosted. Meredith can bake!