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The Tasty Touring Linkdown

24 March 2009 2,631 views 4 Comments

I apologize for not posting in a week. I’m going to steal an idea from my friend Omar Gallaga and share some fun stuff with you in the form of a linkdown.

First of all, Addie Broyles took this photo and posted it to her blog. No, I did not tag my own blog name but yes, I’m glad it’s there.

tastyCool Food News from around Austin:

  • TRIO at the Four Seasons has introduced a Happy Hour Mon – Sat from 5-8 p.m. They are offering 1/2 off apps and 1/2 off wines by the glass in the wine bar. And, they offer complimentary valet parking. Holla! This is Life in Austin did some calculations and she figured out that this means you can get a drink or an app for as little as $3.50!
  • Bacon is all the rage in Austin. This Thursday, the Alamo Drafthouse Lake Creek is hosting The Kevin Bacon BACON Feast. On March 26th, they will screen the Kevin Bacon classic Flatliners with 6 courses of bacon for $50. Food blogger James drove for 5 hours this weekend to Snook, TX just to try chicken fried bacon. Check out his post to see if he thought it was worth the schlep.
  • menu_001Hudson’s on the Bend is offering a less expensive 25th Anniversary Menu at least until the end of March. Prices range from $5-$8 for an appetizer or dessert to $16 – $22 for entrees. Portions are smaller than the regular menu but our group was quite satisfied after each ordering an appetizer and an entree and sharing one dessert. Hudson’s also provides fresh rolls, an amuse bouche, and a treat to take home. Adam and I shared a bottle of wine with David and Betsy and the total came to $45/person including tax and tip.
  • Have you heard about Farmhouse Delivery? It’s such a cool concept to connect local food producers with consumers directly! On Saturday, April 4, they are teaming up with Dai Due to provide a square foot gardening class and farm lunch for just $50. What a great opportunity and I would be signed up already if I wasn’t headed out of town that day. Call 512-529-8569 or e-mail info@farmhousedelivery.com to register.

I will end this linkdown with a message from my Twitter account that I sent off during the South By Southwest Interactive panel “The Secrets of Successful Food Blogging.” Serious Eats posted a story about the panel using the tweets that were written about it — both during and after. Here is mine:

twitterThank you for your patience with me as I enjoyed and then began to recover from SXSW. Stay tuned for blogs about brunch at Enoteca Vespaio, The Ice Cream Man, and more!

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  • Jodi

    Greenling is also doing a cool class on April 4!

    Join Chef Cristina Carolan for the Local Box Workshop, as she shows you easy recipes and storage tips for using fresh, seasonal produce.

    We will offer two sessions of this workshop, at 9:30 and 11:00 am (1 hour each session). The cost for the workshop is $5 per person. Call 266-5666 TODAY to reserve your spot!

    We’ll also sell Local Boxes for $35.00 on-site in case you didn’t get one on your delivery schedule that week. Each box contains a huge assortment of seasonal produce and will include the vegetables used in the workshop. If you’d like a Greenling Local Box at the workshop instead of on your normal delivery day, please call 266-5666 to reserve it by Sunday, March 29th.

    Faraday’s Kitchen Store is located in Oak Grove Plaza at 1501 RR 620 North, in Lakeway, Texas. For more information, call 512-266-5666, or go to http://www.faradayskitchenstore.com.

  • Emily

    Jodi, I just ordered from Farmhouse Delivery and am getting it in today. Come by and check it out!

  • Jodi

    Emily just got her delivery (she is in the office next door) and it came in a swanky plastic box and a cold bag with the Farmhouse logo on it. She got the basic bushel which is $32 and I have to say — it doesn’t look like much for that amount. And, she graciously let me have one of the oranges and it is so sour that I’m not sure I can finish it. Tastes more like a lemon than an orange. Weird!

  • Anonymous

    Hey there! Elizabeth here from Farmhouse Delivery…I was so distraught to hear that the oranges were sour. It's possible that they may have been Meyer lemons–the lemons from G&S groves are round, large and orange, but definitely sour. I love to get feedback, even when things are not right so that we can improve what we are doing! thanks so much…Elizabeth