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Tasty Touring: This is Why I’m Phat

30 March 2009 2,426 views 7 Comments

Inspired by the blog (and soon to be book), This is Why You’re Fat, I decided to share with you some recent tasty bites that I’ve been enjoying the past few weeks during SXSW and beyond.

The goodies below, and others not pictured, is the reason I’m avoiding weight watchers like the plague. While overindulging and treating every meal like a special occasion is something I’m trying not to do, the eats below were deliciously worth it. I’ve decided to share them with you as part of the first installment of “This is Why I’m Phat.”

First we have a gordita from the taco truck on Oltorf between Lamar and Thornton. The Soup Peddler first introduced me to this mouth-watering meal and it was supposed to be part of a taco mini-tour a couple months ago. The truck is called Taqueria Vences and it’s usually parked there Thursday through Saturday nights (I think):

I joined former colleagues Amy and Jenni at the new Kitchen Door location in the Chase Tower where Apple Annie’s used to be. They have classed the place up with chandeliers and attractive dark wood tables. I tried the chicken salad (Jenni enjoyed a pressed sandwich with chicken salad below) and an assortment of cookies. Good!

jennyI met the Ice Cream Man and a group of his friends/fellow ice cream slingers during SXSW and we enjoyed a phenomenal brunch with them at Enoteca Vespaio. We walked with them back to the truck and enjoyed creamsicles, rocket pops, and strawberry shortcake ice cream pops while relaxing in the sun. Pictured below from left to right is me, Jessica (who is looking for an HR job in Austin if you know anyone), and James of The Eaten Path.

ice cream manThis past weekend my friend David, who worked with me at a coffee shop in Ann Arbor during our college days, came to visit me in Austin for the first time. His parents surely raised him right because he brought cookies — chocolate chip, ginger molasses, oatmeal pecan; fabulous date bars; and delicate rosemary shortbread bites from Pinwheel Bakery in Ferndale, Michigan.

cookiesFinally, the milkshake pictured below was my godsend during SXSW. Adam and I saw over 10 movies during the festival along with countless interactive panels and lots and lots of music. We were going from morning until night. This called for extra help in the caffeine and chocolate categories and the Midnight Espresso Chocolate Shake fit the bill perfectly. The one featured below is festooned with brightly colored chocolates but the best was when they sprinkled chocolate covered espresso beans on top.


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  • Ice Cream Man

    That brunch place was yummy. i miss Austin food. was looking at a pic of Mi Madre’s tacos this morn. mmm… migas

  • Jenni

    OMG — my hair is so long in that pic. Now that I chopped off eight inches, I didn’t recognize myself ;)

  • James

    Midnight Espresso Chocolate Shake not only looks like an amazing milkshake, it’s also the perfect name for a new dance or a neo-noir villain.

    50/50 bars ftw!

  • Jodi

    For those of you as clueless as I, a 50/50 bar half ice cream half popsicle and ftw means for the win!

  • Anonymous

    That taco truck is less than a mile from my house, and I still haven’t been there. The reviews are always good. Thanks for the reminder.

    And that midnight shake reminded me I still haven’t done the brunch at Alamo. I hear the bacon cheddar scones are rockin’ ….

    Double Tonic

  • Jessica

    this is the first i’ve heard of “this is why you’re fat” and i went to look. wow. the scary part is i actually know of a dish i could go phtogoraph and add.

  • Jodi

    Thanks for the comments, guys. Jessica — I’m curious which dish you would add…