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Austin Food Blogger Gathering at SXSW

17 March 2009 3,019 views 8 Comments

Adam and I had such great time last night at the Austin360.com party at Whole Foods. I can’t tell you how cool it was to see good friends and meet in person with bloggers who I felt I already knew through Twitter and their blogs.

Jesse Griffiths from Dai Due supper club and Tyson Cole from Uchi wowed us with cooking demonstrations and tasting. We also enjoyed a blind taste test of Texas wines vs. wines from around the world.

adam me davidBut the BEST part of the evening was the people. I saw folks from our Food Lover’s Book Club — Lindsay from Apron Adventures, James of James Eats, Addie of Relish Austin, Stephanie of Greek Tragedy, Betsy from Whole Foods, Laura of Dishola, Denise of Texas Wine, Beth of Texas Locavore, Mary Ann of The Cookery, Rachel of The Friendly Kitchen, Mando of Taco Journalism, and Rusty Irons of The Irons.

Other nice folks I chatted with include Jenna of Edible Austin, Rachel and Logan of Boots in the Oven, Emily of Cooking Inside the Lines, April of the Hungry Engineer, The Soup Peddler, Laura and Mariah of Dining in Austin, James of Eating in a Box, and the guys from Tipsy Texan.

Other bloggers I’m pretty sure I spotted include Maggie’s Austin, Fun with Your Food, This is Life in Austin, and Crystal of Poco-Cocoa.

winnie_betsyEspecially cool was meeting the Whole Foods community relations and PR team in person. Winnie, the @WholeFoods twitter community manager, is the “voice” of Whole Foods to their almost 250,000 followers.

The funny thing — I barely ate any food. I was so happy to just talk and be around the people who share my interests that I wasn’t really thinking about the food and drink.

Check out the slide show of the late afternoon/evening below:

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  • Mom

    Loved this blog and to hear about all the food blogging people that you met. What a wonderful evening. The pictures are great.

  • Ironjack

    Darn, looks like I missed a good one.

  • Lindsay

    This event really was so much fun- I loved running into all the foodies I’ve met over the past few months, and of course meeting some new ones. Also, loved sampling some new Texas wines I hadn’t tried yet! Blog post to come…

  • jessica

    I asked on the facebook austin foodblogger group but never got a reply: what is the food lovers book club? i’m new to austin – went to the Fino event but forgot to ask someone while there!

  • Boots in the Oven

    Very cool – lookie them links! These events are always a good time, and it’s great to catch up with all the foodbloggers.

    I only wish there was time to talk to everyone there…

  • Laetitia

    Yep…. Soon Jodi, very soon will shall meet. It was really fun being in France my family but it looks like we missed some good parties… :(

  • aTxVegn

    I wish I had met you at this event! I think your Tasting Touring is such a great idea, and I do hope I can attend one of your events soon.

  • Jodi

    Thanks for the comments everyone. Thanks for your interest in the food lover’s book club, Jessica. When we started, it was open to everyone and now we have around 40 people on the Facebook group! We generally have 15-20 people at each meeting so we are not opening it up to new folks right now but hopefully we can at some point. I bet there would be interest in starting another foodie book club — there are 80 blogs in Austin after all. You should do it!