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20 Bones off Dinner at Uchi

16 March 2009 2,473 views 8 Comments

I’ve been blessed with some GOOD meals during SXSW and want to offer others the opportunity to enjoy one of Austin’s best eating experiences with a $20 gift card to Uchi.Skip down to the comments section and tell me what your favorite eating experience has been in Austin during SXSW along with your twitter handle. I’ll choose the best comments and get in touch with you to pass on the card (good today and tomorrow).

Tasty Touring’s SXSWi’s snacking slideshow:

Last night, Adam and I went to Uchi at around 7 p.m. I was given a stack of $20 gift cards to the restaurant and we wanted to try to go there and spend no more than the value of the card on our entire meal. We ordered:

The shag roll (normally $14 but $7 during SXSW), norwegian mackerel with japanese pear and cilantro ($5), and peanut butter semifreddo with an apple-miso sorbet ($8). The atmosphere was beautiful, the service wonderful (hot towels before the meal anyone?), and Chef Cole’s creations were delicious.

Total with tax and tip: $8.

You might be asking yourself — is that enough food for two people? My answer to that question is: Not quite. However, there was an hour wait at Uchi so instead of spending $11 on a glass of wine while waiting, we hopped into the car and drove over to the new Mighty Cone trailer on S. Congress to see if it was as delicious as it was at SXSW.

The cone was the same that I remembered — crunchy and vinegary and creamy — the perfect eat ‘n stroll boardwalk/concert-type food.

Total with tax and tip jar: $12

Other yummy food I’ve been enjoying at SXSW includes Eggs Benedict with bacon at Taverna (enjoyed for brunch with a mimosa and a bellini for only $1 each!) followed by two scoops of gelato with espresso at Paciugo for less than $3.

I also met other SXSW-goers for lunch at Jo’s on Second where I scarfed down fresh cut french fries, a chicken burger, and iced tea with lime. My companions enjoyed Dr Pepper (a Texas brand), and Sweet Leaf Tea (based in Austin).

soup peddler fish n chipsThe final delicious meal happened with The Soup Peddler at Woodland. I enjoyed a chicken sandwich with swiss cheese and bacon on the most wonderful freshly baked egg bun along with huge, bready and delicious onion rings. David scarfed down beautifully friend fish and chips — why is fried food so amazing when dipped in vinegar?

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  • Jodi

    Example: My best meal at SXSW was the awesome sandwich I made myself with fresh whole wheat bread, fancy strawberry jam, and almond butter. Have a day of trudging through the convention center from panel to panel, it was just the comforting, rib sticking treat I needed! @tastytouring (for those not on twitter, @tastytouring is my handle).

  • Lindsay

    I absolutely love Taverna’s brunch- it’s my favorite weekend spot. I like the eggs benedict with crab or getting their daily frittata- and always of course a mimosa :)

  • Jeremy

    I tried the turkey melt at Moonshine on Friday evening. I dug the full thickness Texas toast, and the cherry peppers added some interesting flavor. The fries didn’t blow me away, but they were passable. I think I need to come back and try the shrimp corn dog things.

  • Chance

    My best SXSW dining thus far has been at the Austin Trailer Park and Eatery. As my wife and I enjoyed the Mr. Pink (Ahi Tuna Taco from Torchy’s) we happened to join a group of interactive South-byers from San Francisco. After they let us try their Little Nookie (Fried Chocolate Chip Cookie), we got to chatting about San Francisco. We are planning a trip there this summer and one of these guys was a big foodie and gave us some awesome tips on local eateries. Thats the sort of experience that makes me love SXSW!

    Ecpatrick3284 is my handle on twitter!

  • Jodi

    Thank you for writing Lindsay and Chance! I’ve GOT to try the Little Nookie at Torchy’s…a fried chocolate chip cookie? Yes, please!

  • Jordan

    I love that shag roll and the pb semifreddo. They still owe me for my winter coat!!

  • Austin Kleon

    Best SXSW food: I played hooky from SXSW on Sunday, and went to Homeslice with Meg. It was overflowing with tourists, so we sat at the bar and drank beer and watched them make our ricotta, sausage and red pepper pizza. It was pretty fantastic.

    Worst SXSW food: the nuclear taco. Made both me and my buddy sick. We had to go to the Hilton for $5 milkshakes to soothe the burn…

  • Jodi

    Sounds like a great meal, Austin. My fave $5 shake is the Midnight Espresso Milkshake at Alamo Drafthouse (a reference to the 5 dollar shake in Pulp Fiction). I also hear that their Guinness shake is really yummy.