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The Chocolate Cleanse

25 February 2009 2,645 views 2 Comments

A couple weeks ago, Adam’s parents sent him two babkas — one was cinnamon, the other chocolate. The brand is Green’s Babka and while these kosher sweet loaves are made in Brooklyn, they are available right here in Austin at the HEB off of Far West in the kosher section.

Adam’s favorite was the chocolate — rich, dense, and very chocolately, it was yummy. For me, you can’t beat the cinnamon. As most things do, this reminded me of an episode of Seinfeld:

The babka are still in the fridge and I haven’t had a slice since starting my cleanse about a week ago. Adam keeps teasing me and calling it “The Chocolate Cleanse” because I have allowed myself chocolate treats on 3 occasions including Friday night shabbat dinner, Monday night after yoga (skinny cow cone and two pieces of dark chocolate), and last night (chocolate cake with icing).

That said, I have stayed pretty true to the ideals of the cleanse and 95% of the time have avoided alcohol, sweets, white flour, caffeine, and processed foods. In terms of working out, I’ve taken a yoga class, and taken two long walks.

babkaMy results so far have been very good. I’ve lost 3 pounds and was able to go back to a Weight Watchers meeting yesterday as I was within two pounds of my goal weight so I didn’t have to pay (I’m a lifetime member).

I feel really great and have enjoyed lots of locally sourced and fresh foods. Getting off caffeine has been pretty smooth thanks to the small amounts of caffeine from green tea and decaf coffee. I’m drinking tons of water also.

Overall, I’m proud of the decisions I’m making — eating lots of vegetables and as healthfully as I can most of the time, while treating myself occasionally and mindfully.

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  • Double Tonic

    I LOVE that episode! But I’m definitely a chocolate babka gal.

    (One of the few drawbacks to living in south Austin is being too far from the Far West HEB.)

  • KimG

    I really admire your focus and will power Jodi! Can you put that in a chocolate treat so I can learn to make good food choices?? :D