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Pomegranate Juice Wonderfulness

27 February 2009 4,434 views 5 Comments

The folks at POM Wonderful found my blog and offered to send me a case of their pomegranate juice to try. Normally, I’m not much a juice drinker. I learned a while ago that when drinking my calories, I prefer them to come in the form of wine.

The case arrived yesterday, just in time for our staff meeting, so I decided to share with others to see what they thought. Some reactions:

  • I loved it….sweet but not too sweet, tart but not too tart. I also LOVE the bottle shape.
  • I feel like you could make a really nice spritzer out of it. It’s light enough that if you mix it with a crisp white wine, it’d be a good summer BBQ drink.
  • I love cranberry juice but I think POM is even more powerful tasting than cranberry juice so I guess in a way I can believe the claim that it has more antioxidants.
  • I think it’s worth the $4 because you can’t drink it like water or any other regular juice, you have to nurse it and let your taste buds get used to it.
  • Is it something I would grab first thing in the juice aisle? NO. Maybe if I were feeling a little sickly or weak and felt like a boost I would.
  • I had to mix water with it because it was way too strong on its own. Reminds me of wine but without the alcohol — might make a good substitute for a non-drinker at a party.

According to POM, their juice has more antioxidant power than other drinks, including red wine, blueberry juice, green tea, and cranberry juice. Patients drinking POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice in clinical trials have experienced promising results in heart health, prostate health, and erectile function.

I can’t vouch for how the juice affected my health but I can say that I enjoyed the tannin taste on my tongue and liked knowing that I was drinking something very good for me — especially as I’m on my cleanse still (kind of — last night I went a bit overboard with cupcakes, brownies, and chocolate peanut butter cups). One drawback of POM Wonderful is that only 8 oz. packs a 150 calorie punch. For me, those are calories I’d generally rather be eating :-)

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    The New Yorker ran a lengthy profile about a year ago on the woman who founded POM Wonderful. Fascinating article. Haven’t found it online, but there’s a teaser here: http://nymag.com/daily/food/2008/03/the_lady_who_made_american_dri.html. I’ll send you a copy if I can get it from my subscriber account.

  • Emily Pearl Goodstein

    i love that pom wonderful found your blog! that is very exciting, too. free juice, and all.

  • mom

    Never have even seen this item, but I would like to try. Sounds like I would like it mixed with grapefruit juice…if we add a little vodka, does it take away the benefits of the antioxidant part?

  • Jodi

    We’ll have to make a POM punch with grapefruit juice and vodka and serve it at our April brunch, mom. Sounds delicious to me!