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Live Blog: Central Market Cooking Class

10 February 2009 2,321 views 7 Comments

This is a “Live Blog.” I am sitting in the cooking school room upstairs at Central Market North in Austin.

A couple weeks ago, I received a note in my inbox on Facebook:

Addie from the statesman wanted you to come and I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now and I like what you have to say.

I’ll be teaching the class. Still working over the menu but everything will be from within 200 miles of CM. I’m calling all of my foodie friends to get items and some are sending samples that aren’t for sale but are real lovely. I’m thinking Italian for ease and ability to go both with and without meat. Just want to make everyone comfortable and enjoy. Not sure what to call it but I have food writers, editors, and bloggers all coming to class. Flat Creek winery will also be in class with the Super Texas red wine that I love.

Central Market Cooking School Director Meredith Beeman & Chef Vance Ely are inviting you to our first ever Live Blog class / forum on Feb 10th 2009 at 6pm. This two hour session will cover the new food phenomenon of eating locally with a 200 mile dinner. We want you to attend with a writing instrument of choice: pen & paper, Blackberry or Laptop(We have wifi). Cameras are also welcome, but no video recorders please.

We are seeking out your opinions of our classes and foraging suggestions. We know that you are on the front lines of local cutting edge cuisine, and our chefs want to hear from you. Our goal is to provide this forum seasonally to keep it fresh. Class schedules are printed about six to nine months in advance, so forward thinking and tasting is a must. To show our appreciation of your time, we want to offer this opportunity at no cost to you. As this is our first Live Blog class, it is invitation only and you have made our list.

Tuesday, Feb. 10

7:10 pm: Adam and I have been here for an hour but I keep getting booted off the wireless network!

7:20 pm: There are about 20 people here including James from James Eats, Jenna from Edible Austin, Amy from Austin Tidbits, Rachel and Logan from Boots in the Oven, Addie Broyles from the Statesman, Jim and Karen Johnson from Alamosa Wine Cellars, Charlie Kidd from Flat Creek Estate, Laura Kelso, and Jam from Thai Fresh.

7:40 pm: I tried to live blog a conversation I had with Rachel and Logan about their year in Florence but it was erased when I tried to post it live…damn you crappy wireless Internet connection!

7:50 pm: Full belly from salad, toasted raviolis, eggplant Parmesan, chicken cacciatore, caramelized onions, wilted spinach and garlic, local TX wine, and bread with cheese spread.

7:54 pm: Some local things we are stuffing our face with include Super Sprout Salad, Texas Sassy Vinaigrette, carrots from Boggy Creek Farm, Thunderheart Bison, eggs from Oma and Opa Farm, Texas salt, Texas Olive Ranch Olive Oil, and Austin Slow Burn Tomato Sauce.

7:57 pm: We just received a copy of The New Intercourses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook from the author, Martha Hopkins. She said they have been home tested by lovers across the country. Hilarious!

newintercourses8:03 pm: So fun live blogging and tweeting at the same time! Martha Hopkins just started passing out another free book — do it for less! parties

8:05 pm: We are wrapping things up — right on time. We are now enjoying Chef Vance’s Honey and Meyer Lemon Custard. The honey is from Round Rock Beehives and the Meyer lemons are from Vance’s backyard. Fluffy, light and tart — a great end to a filling meal.

If you read my blog via email, check it out online at tastytouring.com to see the slide shows I sometimes include:

For a gorgeously photographed and more complete account of the eventing, check out Boots in the Oven and Poco-Cocoa. I have a feeling that Texas Locavore and James Eats will be putting up their posts soon!

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  • Rachel

    how cool that you made the wireless difficulties work for you! Great liveblog – we’re editing pictures right now.

  • katie sternberg

    I love this theme – am taking notes from your blog now! Sounds like a fun and delicious evening!

  • Jodi

    Rachel — I loved YOUR blog so much and tried to comment but it wouldn’t let me for some reason…I’m thinking of changing my name to “Technical Difficulties.”

    Katie — check out Rachel’s blog “Boots in the Oven” for more details for your notes!

  • John

    That event sounds incredible. Central market does a great job with their classes (I’m signed up for at least 4 in the next two months). And giving away books at the end was certainly a nice touch. Thanks for sharing your “invitation only” experience with us. I’ll be looking for more live blogs from you in the future.

  • double tonic

    i’m hungry, and i want a recipe for the chicken!

    welcome back. we missed you!

  • Jackie

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